Friday, May 13th, 2005

Ajax Showcase: Diamond Search

Category: Ajax, Showcase has put out an Ajaxian Diamond Search.

It is a very cool, visual way of narrowing down search results. There are lots of sliders and levers to drag and pull all over the shop.

It also has a nice clean way of showing the user what is going on (knowing that it is working on the server, and displaying the results).

Very cool.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 12:11 pm

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Nice use of the technology while still keeping it very simple and straightforward. Kudos to amazon.

Comment by Rob — May 13, 2005

Interestingly, it doesn’t work with Firefox 1.0.4. It fails back to a regular web app, which works ok, but no Ajax.

I opened it up in Mozilla and it’s pretty cool…

Comment by Jason Carreira — May 13, 2005

Strike that… it’s a cookie issue… I wish Firefox’s cookie management settings were as good as Mozilla’s… I just want to be asked the first time for each site, is that so hard?

Comment by Jason Carreira — May 13, 2005

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