Monday, May 9th, 2005

Ajax Summit: Brent Ashley’s Presentation

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Brent Ashley is known for Remote Scripting Resources at, and is an independant consultant. He also has a bunch of fun R&D side projects such as:

Brent jumps into the Remote Scripting world of Microsoft, and talks about how this stuff was done a long, long time ago (1998!) :)

Ben and I both jumped when we saw Brent show an article written by Erik Hatcher of all people, on Remote Scripting back in the day! Go Erik! You started all of this! :)

The interesting part of the talk is getting the perspective from the Microsoft view, and how XmlHttpRequest came about due to the JVM going away.

So it is thanks to Sun sueing Microsoft that we have XHR!

Brent finishes up talking about other interesting libraries along the way:

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Well geez guys… why didn’t you invite me to the Summit?! Say hey to Brent for me :)

It’s funny to see the hype of Ajax hit now when we were doing this stuff years and years ago.

Comment by Erik Hatcher — May 9, 2005

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