Tuesday, May 10th, 2005

Ajax Summit: Evan Williams from Odeo

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Evan showed how Blogger is avoiding server overhead by only loading content when necessary. He’s not affiliated with Blogger, but it was interesting.

Evan is from Odeo, a company that I’d never heard of before. Apparently, it’s an audio content provider for iPods. He’s showing how you can preview channels using flash widgets on the home page.

They mix a lot of flash and javascript to allow folks to record content over the web. They created a really comeplling audio recording package using flash, “because we couldn’t figure out how to do this stuff using javascript and html.”

They do use ajax techniques to add tags to channels, just as with flikr.

Posted by Ben Galbraith at 11:34 am

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Odeo isn’t quite an “audio content provider for iPods.”

It looks like it will be a podcasting application, allowing people to create their own audio content as mp3s that can be played on any mp3 player. I don’t think Odeo themselves will provide content, and it certainly won’t be limited to ipods.

Comment by Andrew — May 10, 2005

You are correct in that Evan is not affiliated with blogger, but he does know something about it. He created it.

Comment by Kyle — May 10, 2005

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