Monday, May 9th, 2005

Ajax Summit: Iain Lamb of Yahoo!

Category: Ajax

Iain is an Oddpost old boy, which sold out for copious amounts of $ to Yahoo!


In 1999, Iain worked on a spreadsheet that ran in a browser (Halfbrain). Remember the days of “Office will be on the web!”. Remember Corel’s vision? IE was easy to develop for, but Netscape 4? Ouch.

Then there came Oddpost

Back button issues? Cheat. Back in the pre-popup blocker world, just open in a new window.

Ended up going with XML, only because they wanted a backend that was disposable.

Language Issues

  • class notation
  • munging: source code (comments, variables, typing)
  • testing
  • shared libraries

Interestingly, rather than good ole Powerpoint or Keynote, the presentation was given FROM the Oddpost email client itself. Nice touch.

He couldn’t be pressed for when will change over, even with a Red Light.

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