Monday, May 9th, 2005

Ajax Summit: Luke Wroblewski, eBay Presentation

Category: Ajax

Luke is the lead UI designer for the platform group at eBay. He starts off trying to set the continuum of the web, from HTML, to Flash, to Java Applets, and Ajax. He will talk about the key factors on why a decision was made, and when to use, or NOT use Ajax.

Kijiji: Craigslist not in English (Japan, Paris, …)

Built with flat HTML, and the tasks for the site are simple, so there wasn’t a need to take the hit of a richer UI world.

Localization is pretty easy with respect to layouts (liquid layouts: shove in data and it grows to that size).

Pearson Education

Online suite of education tools, and Flash was used. Since there are courses involved, there is a lot of rich content, and Flash is great for streaming audio/video, vector graphics animation, and they like to be able to “test once” cross platform.

Java Applet: Aerobahn

A very rich GUI, and although people laugh at Applets, Luke had a good experience. A lot of processor intensive visualization, rich support for real time updates, and the company was a Java shop.

Ajax: eBay Sell Your Item 3.0

Luke shows the flow for selling an item, and side by side we see two versions. Version 2.0 is ~6 times more complicated than the new Ajax-aware version.

Real time updates:

  • Progressive discovery
  • Recommendations
  • Interactive previews
  • Customization: You can change your view in a clean way, and you personal view is sticky

There is a test version at:

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