Tuesday, December 11th, 2007

Ajax Survey III

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It’s that time of year again. Richard Monson-Haefel of the Burton Group has created another Ajax survey.

It has three simple questions:

  1. I am currently using Ajax frameworks, toolkits, or libraries
  2. I’m using Ajax in conjunction with
  3. I mostly use the following Ajax frameworks, toolkits, or JavaScript libraries

The list of frameworks is quite huge, but I am sure a pet framework is missing ;)

If we take a minute to answer, we will get the data back to poke at by the end of the week.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 12:33 pm

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That sure is a crazy list of frameworks.

Comment by Jon Hartmann — December 11, 2007

I don’t consider CakePHP an Ajax framework, but I put it down anyway even though I don’t use any of its Ajax capabilities (it uses prototype so I just override its functions with jQuery).

I’m very interested in seeing the results of this survey.

Comment by Marc — December 11, 2007

wow. overkill of frameworks

Comment by DarkRat — December 11, 2007

First option in question 3 should ONLY says: “I use XmlHttpObject directly.”. Why can’t one use the raw XmlHttpObject with the Walter Zorn Drag-and-drop library for example? Or even with some framework/library that includes a wrapper for XmlHttpObject.

Comment by Nameless — December 11, 2007

What the…? No real time results using Comet?

Comment by Mike Wilcox — December 11, 2007

@Nameless: I have to agree. Sometimes I use the raw XMLHttpObject due to environment requirements, but I also use frameworks when possible.

Comment by Marc — December 11, 2007

This list of frameworks is kind of infuriating. “Fade Anything Technique”, “CakePHP”, and “jQuery” don’t belong in the same group.
Not to mention you’re throwing every kitchen sink I’ve ever seen at this list. Chill out. There should only be 20 ‘frameworks’ listed.

Comment by Paul Irish — December 11, 2007

“There should only be 20 ‘frameworks’ listed.”

yea, but than every fanboy would say “OMG! how could you forget $randomframework? the survey sucks!”

Comment by DarkRat — December 11, 2007

“Other:” for Spry here … Bummer.

Comment by Kevin Hoyt — December 11, 2007

It could of been as simple as.. “what do you use?”

And throw at you 100+ things. ;D Then again that wouldn’t have been very useful now would it? I’m sure once the survey is done they’ll categorize everything for you.

Comment by Olmo Maldonado — December 11, 2007

yes I wrote in spry also. People overlook spry maybe because it’s not community driven, but it is well worth using it if just for the datasets.. saved me hours and hours

Comment by Jack Gordon — December 11, 2007

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