Thursday, October 20th, 2005

Ajax Survey Results Are In

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We announced this weeks Ajax Survey, and the results are now in.

You can check out the results yourself, and even use filters to slice and dice the data, but it is pretty simple to comprehend.

I am currently using Ajax frameworks, toolkits, or libraries

I was really surprised with these results. I expected the real majority to be in the development/prototype buckets, so to see In production weigh in at a second place 31.2% really warms my heart :)

People aren’t just talking about Ajax. Developers are developing and deploying it!

In development came in first with 32.8%.

I’m using Ajax in conjuntion with

This question weighs up the server side technologies backing your Ajax development. PHP was the leader of this category with 40.2%, with Java close behind on 35.1%.

I’m using Ajax in conjuntion with

Here we learn about the Ajax toolkits/libraries/frameworks that you are using. Before the survey was put up, we suggested that the category I use XmlHttpObject directly; I don’t use pre-existing frameworks, toolkits, or libraries. was added, because we had a strong incling that it would be high. This was definitely the case, with 40% of you saying that you use XHR directly for Ajax. Prototype/Scriptaculous came in as the top toolkit 23.1% for Prototype.

What is interesting here is if you think about questions 2 and 3.

The majority of people are using PHP, but results for Sajax/Najax/other PHP frameworks were not very high.

Fewer people are using Rails, yet Prototype/Scriptaculous is the number one framework.

This shows that Rails is really helping us out. It brings helpers for Prototype along for the ride, and you would be a fool not to use them. For other server side frameworks you need to make a choice, and often it seems, the choice is “I will just hack at XHR”.

Thanks for your submissions. This is far from a scientific experiment, but it was fun to see the results. Let us know if you would like to see more surveys and polls in the future, and if so, what on?


Posted by Dion Almaer at 3:53 am

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I like those surveys. I am one of those developers who are (foolishly? who knows?) using AJAX in production work. It’s nice to know I’m not alone!

As for what surveys I would like to see, I’d love to know, for example, what percentage of developers have had complaints from clients that their viewers could not use their AJAX applications.

Also, what are the earliest browsers that are still rampant in the wild, and what should we do about them?

Comment by Kae Verens — October 20, 2005

comes a time where majority rules. forget the minority groups. if they still use some old browser from the dark ages chances are they aren’t likely to be a fervant user or buyer anyway. probably use the net to check their email once a week.

Comment by Andrew — October 20, 2005

Perhaps the survey result showing that ppl aren’t using library tools means that the tools are either too hard to use/hard to understand or they simply add more code than using raw request code.

Comment by Andrew — October 20, 2005

Nobody is using anything in “conjuntion” with anything. The word is “conjunction”.

Comment by ped ant — October 21, 2005

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