Friday, March 16th, 2007

Ajax version of “Telephone” game

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Nich Tyrrell of InTime Games created a new Ajax site with a strange name indeed… Eat Poop U Cat.

The site uses a combination of Google Web Toolkit, Amazon S3, and Amazon EC2, along with an in browser drawing utility that uses the Canvas element to get it all working. Its an online version of a party game similar to the game of telephone only using pictures and sentences.

So, you can go online, put in a random sentence, and people will start drawing a cartoon off of it.


Eat Poop U Cat

Posted by Dion Almaer at 9:30 am

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This is great, but why can’t I send a link of my strip to someone else ? (requires an account to view strips)

Comment by Will — March 16, 2007

Hi there, in response to the question about viewing a strip without an account, you should be able to do that. For example, anyone can click on this link and get the strip, right?

Otherwise, there is a link on the eatpoopucat main page for reporting bugs. We would love to hear from you.



Comment by Darren — March 16, 2007

Turns out you can’t look at a strip that is still being played (unless you already played it). It’s meant to keep people from cheating and looking before they play.

Comment by Spot — March 16, 2007

Wow! Impressive! One of the rare online game I really find innovative and fun! Good idea!

Comment by SilverTab — March 16, 2007


Comment by ghghf — March 17, 2007

Haha, this game is freaking awsome

Comment by Adam Reimer — March 26, 2007

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