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Ajax Web Developer: $240k per year… with only one catch

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We recently got pinged about a job request that we just had to post about :)

If you like coding in Ajax, and know how to shoot a gun, this could be for you.

  • Title: Web Developer
  • Salary: $200K plus DOE
  • Taxes: No Federal taxes taken out for the contractors that accept a 12 month. (6 month contractors will have taxes taken out)
  • Location: Iraq
  • Start date: ASAP with 2 weeks training (one in Washington DC and another in Ft. Bening GA)
  • # of Openings: 1

Summary:A principal Department of Defense agency is looking for programmers, developers or coders to code, support field deployment and maintenance of a new database application which will be used by Army units in Iraq. Scope These are full-time positions (12/7) located at one of the major US Bases in IRAQ. Deployment will be period of 6-12 months. Training on the application software will begin prior to deployment and will take place in Virginia. These positions are available for full time employment or for independent contractors. These positions are available now.

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Do they offer on-site childcare??

Comment by Patrick — July 26, 2007

Not worth it…

Comment by Fishin Dog — July 26, 2007

To the guy wondering about taxes:
Certain special contractor-work (almost entirely related to Armed Forces work in the field) can be tax free.

The tax-free salary is intended as an incentive to compensate for the dangerous nature of the work. In essence, it’s hazard pay.

Comment by Jorge — July 26, 2007

HAHA. Funny how most of the people saying that they’d accept (if they could) are non-US citizens.

Antonello is just sheep brainwashed by the US media and the politicians who rather keep their citizens stupid about the whole thing. He’s only prejudice by stupidity.
Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.

Have you heard of this Intranet concept? It’s quite interesting, it’s like the Web, you can use the same technologies, but it’s in a private network.
Considering it’s an application created for military use with very sensitive data. As as network administrator, I’d want to put barbed wire between the minimum recommended 2ft of networking cable on a peer-to-peer setup in a building surrounded by guard dogs.

That’s how Chuck Norris would’ve done it.

Comment by Carlos B. — July 26, 2007

Chuck Norris would get his ass kicked so bad in Iraq he would come home in a bag. And the fool can’t code either. Bruce Lee kicked his ass so bad he should know better than to be fronting as some “tough guy”.

Comment by rico — July 26, 2007

Most difficult query:

FROM iraqi_citizens
LEFT JOIN terrorists ON (citizen_id)
LEFT JOIN terror_cells ON (terrorist_id)
LEFT JOIN weapons_mass_destruction ON (cell_id)
WHERE surname LIKE ‘%osama%’


I’m a US citizen, I’ve served in the military, and 240K sounds nice… but there’s no way in hell I’m going over there. Instead, I’m actually rather annoyed to find they want to give that much money to someone who doesn’t meet my hiring requirements… I don’t think we’d even offer that person a job in the first place, let alone @ 240K. Kinda makes me question the supposedly “top notch” support our troops get too. Top dollar doesn’t meant top quality.

Comment by Just smart enough not to — July 26, 2007

Ahh, the ajaxy gooye-ness they would develop,
Google Maps mashups, with real-time sat pics maybe?

Comment by halans — July 26, 2007

Dear Prospective Employer,

I have attached a sample of my introductory C++ coding knowledge, which I learned in a continuing Ed class. Please consider me for the post.

func Make240k;

for Days = 1 to 365 do [coding] while [dodging bullets]
if [not abducted] cout >> “Life is sweet! I’m making bank!”
cout >> “Oh shit. Please, Mr. Iraqi – don’t behead me. Here, take my 240k.”
while [shitpants] and [avoidThinkingABoutMidnightExpress]

Comment by David — July 26, 2007

bloody americans, i’d love this job.

i have quite a lot experience doing ajax hands on as tech lead, and i’m also 2nd lieutenant comm officer in us friendly northern eu country army reserve. with that pay i wouldnt hesitate getting this job, but i’m not us citizen.

i guess that’s the catch

Comment by polare — July 26, 2007

First of all, 240k for a programmer is rediculous. That’s just desperation or something seedy. Most coders pull in 70-140k and work hard for it. But 240? That means that the risks outweigh the benefits. Hey can I have the job…I’ll just code from home thank you.
What app are these people dreaming up? We need an “AJAX” programmer. That’s such a stupid buzz word. I know AJAX and it is simple once you learn the ropes. Theres something not right about this job posting. They are going to have 1000’s of applicants. Are they go to pay the recruiters 700k a year? They should for having to weed through 1000’s of idiots!

Comment by Jesse — July 26, 2007

It states that this is a 3 month contract (could be shorter) so it’s really only $60k and you may be on CNN with a bag over your head (if you know what I mean)

Comment by Drumminxx — July 26, 2007

First off its only equivalent to a 156K per year job, but your working two jobs so multiply by two

12h X 7d = 84hrs a week
8hs X 5d = 40hs a week

240K in 1 year for 2 years worth of work + tax free equates to 312K

The lack of taxes would be like a receiving a 30% bonus to your paycheck.
This would be an equivalent of getting paid 156k a year in the states.
120K + 36k (the tax money you would not being paying)

Plus working 12hrs a day on a major military base, you could pretty much get by without ever going off base… And if the threat-con ever goes up, your sure to be locked on base anyway.

Comment by Steven Moberg — July 26, 2007

hhhmmmm, when your at the airport waiting to board a plane and there is someone from Arab decent waiting to board the same plane hasn’t the thought crossed your mind “I hope he’s not a terrorist” at the same time how many white Americans get a gun and shoot a bunch of people but yet we don’t think anything about the white guy sitting next to you.

Does that make you a racists?

I bet alot of Arabs think the same thing considering what is going on in the world today.

Comment by Drumminxx — July 26, 2007

Waaa, How many people not fair of death, What a warrior!!
Just one a big hint, If you go, You must consider a thing at first, testament。 American soldier, or Iraq soldier, both maybe your enemy!
Be care!!

Comment by qinxian — July 26, 2007

mashups is the jargon for Ajax world, but this kind of job is a mashup into your head.. BBAAANNNNGGGG!! into your head… :))

Comment by Roycons — July 27, 2007

It’s amazing … money makes humatizen go away.

And people who claim to be smart enough to do such a job
are even not smart enough to not do such a job.

Well it’s not so amazing after all

Comment by frankly — July 27, 2007

I don’t mind bomb explosions while i code. There are some places with no war on streets, but still “shit happens” on regular basis, but hey 200K/year? And after all, what happened to previous guy? He got his head packed into plastic bag by any chance? Or it’s a brand new opportunity to be the first? :)

Comment by Evgenios Skitsanos — July 27, 2007

I think they’ve found another way to recruit people to the Army. Once you’re in a war zone and employed by the military, your boss is’nt going to leave you typing on a computer when he needs someone to guard it instead :p

Think of the money they’ll save on training, insurance, etc.. even convincing people to join becomes easier – and who’s to say your one year contract wont be extended by the employer or even altered?

Consider this, why do they need an AJAX developer to work from there when they have the tubes to just send it over… server’s don’t need to be on location and if they do, they can be deployed using scripts instead of humans.

I’m thinking conspiracy all the way ;)

Comment by Gautam — July 27, 2007

I agree with Matthew Nuzum and his comment “tee hee”. Some of these comments were definitely humorous.

Comment by David H — July 27, 2007

Thanks for your interest in the position. We have a candidate right now who I think is going to be our guy which is contingent on getting approval based on his health. If anything should change I will get in touch with you. In any matter I will keep your resume on file in case other similar positions open up.

Best Regards,

Comment by Matt D — July 27, 2007

I don’t get it: Antonello states that he’s not an American, then everyone rants on about he’s a brainwashed American. Talk about flagrant anti-American bigotry!

Gautam: Many employers prefer that their employees are on site.

Not a bad deal if they let you sit back in the green zone. Being the military, don’t expect that anyone would work 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. It just means that you have to be on call that much.

Hopefully you don’t have to make remote housecalls, though!

Comment by Wait — July 27, 2007

My girlfriend would shit a brick, but if my ajax skills were better I’d take it. =)

Comment by D — July 27, 2007

I get this whole pay sky high amounts of money to people to work in a war zone. And for the money (not to mention the really good Falafel you can get in Bagdad) I would take the job in a heartbeat if my wife would let me (which she is not).
BUT I have just one simple question. Why would a sane human being plan on developing code, and front end code at that, on site in Iraq!?!? Why not send one poor admin guy to manage a remote desktop or something on the base, develop the code the air conditioned comfort of Virginia, and then deploy it when it’s done?
Has our government lost its mind completely? Or is there an office pool somewhere in the Pentagon to see who could spend the taxpayers money faster?

Any ideas?

Comment by Zeev Neumeier — July 27, 2007

For all of you talking about doing the work remotely, have any of you considered the (GASP!) possibility that the systems being worked on are not necessarily networked or that the persons giving the requirements may be front line soldiers who can’t sit down and do a con call with some developer sitting in his bathrobe at home in the states?

I mean seriously, there are plenty of reasons why doing a job might not be possible remotely.

And as plenty of others have pointed out, $240k isn’t that ridiculous when you read that you are working 12 hour days, 7 days a week in a freaking war zone and you’re a contractor who probably doesn’t get any benefits. And I’m sure life insurance for someone going to Baghdad ain’t cheap!

Comment by Ajaxian Sharpshooter — July 27, 2007

I know that there’s a correlation between tech jobs, money and conservatism, but I’m really surprised that there has been very little in the way of antiwar sentiment in response to this, or discussion of the fact that taking this job would further an unjust war that’s claimed nearly a million lives.

A quarter of a million dollars to be part of an unjust war machine? No thanks.

Comment by Trevor — July 27, 2007

Thank you Trevor,
at least one sane comment in this thread.
Can we call the job what it is…WAR PROFITEERING!!!!!

Comment by Andre — July 27, 2007

I can’t believe what sheep you people are. You are admitting you can be bribed to betray your country and planet. And so cheaply!

Comment by zobo — July 28, 2007

I agree with Trevor and the like on this one. Id rather spend the next 2.25 years earning that wage than profit from this war. Besides, I’m really not a gambling man . . . last I heard, Iraqis don’t like American’s too much, in fact, last I heard, most countries don’t like American’s too much. . . I’d rather earn a modest salary and keep my head intact, but thanks for the offer.

Comment by Gabriel — July 29, 2007


Comment by Tio Malandra — July 30, 2007

I work for a government defense contractor, and my previous company managed software deployed in Iraq. I also have several friends who are working in combat zones in technical positions.

Generally what happens is there is a development team back in the US, yes, they’re not moving an entire development lab to Iraq. They are looking for ONE person. That person will likely be the all around support person, config manager, trainer, user feedback guru, problem solver, etc., and it really helps if they know the technology — not that anything we did wanted people coding over there, but it did happen, in extreme circumstances. I’ll let you use imagination, I could tell you but I’d have to kill you, etc.

I seriously doubt they’re sending one person over to develop a big huge application in Iraq. Remember that it’s not like those people are running command and control systems on the Internet either. They’re on secured, classified networks. Sure, you can get some connectivity from a similarly secure environment in the US, but trust me when I say it’s not at ALL like telecommuting here in the US. There’s lots and lots of issues involved, technical and otherwise.

Finally, why Ajax? Don’t underestimate web-based technologies. There’s plenty of cases where a web site is great for the needs, especially if there’s more of a ‘live’ aspect to it. There’s tons of software and data moving around over there, and it’s everything from logistics to command and control, to people managing public relations, to folks making sure the mess halls have food, to everything. I mean, it’s its own mini world.

Web portals also are great in that they can simplify deployment of software. Have a browser? You can run it! Sure beats having no one tech savvy able to install your application or provide support, and hopping on a fuel convoy out to some remote base to do it yourself. Our particular piece of technology had a thick client as its primary client, but also had a thin-client portal to provide visibility beyond the number of users we could otherwise support, and to people who just need certain aspects of information.

I could go on, but anyway, it all makes sense, it’s legit, there are other jobs like this out there, the salary is within bounds of what you can find elsewhere, etc. You need a security clearance, yes. As far as the taxes, I think it’s not even a full 12 months, but it’s some arcane rules and very close to 12 months (basically I think if you time it right you can spend a couple of weeks on R&R and still get taxes waived). My friend did this, he got his income tax-free. Talk to someone who does know, though, I forget for example if it’s based on calendar years, fiscal years, or something else.

I qualify for the position, but I’m not keen on working in Iraq. I’ve turned down similar positions.

Comment by Jennifer — July 30, 2007

Nice job, shame about the salary in US Dollars. If the dollar keeps slipping against the Euro and Sterling, 200k would be about the same as what you’d earn in an normal job here. ;-)

Comment by Ian — August 1, 2007

Uh – Can you say telecommute?


If they can video conference the generals, then they can video conference me in my little cube.

onsite :P

Comment by Stelly — August 1, 2007

offer’s rejection or approval isn’t the issue here. i have read most of the comments on here. basically, its all about the money whether the salary or the taxpayer’s money. And, to be exact, 240K. funny thing is that most of the comments were about rejecting the offer, which i doubt any would refuse such offer “if” it was directly given to them.
on the other hand, many are talking about the taxpayer’s money and why it is being spent on the US army in Iraq, i know why!!!! hey,, its because We ,US, are trying to damn hard to spread the “democracy” in the 3rd world countries!!! Note: i guess most of you know what Democracy is. So, when we went to Iraq , we didn’t “invade” it, we just spread the democracy there, Iraq is all safe and stable. No dead bodies from our side or the Iraqis side!!! Well, I am talking about this based on the major News Networks, since they only show the bright side of the war, whether it is in the Middle East or in Mars.
thanks 4 StumbleUpon for this ride. Cya

Comment by S_O_S — August 1, 2007

I’ll split the salary 50/50 with a Marine… He can secure the web boxes, and I’ll code, deploy and administer them from thousands of miles away.

I’ve been watching my PBS documentaries:

Comment by Vijay Santhanam — August 8, 2007

DOE = Dead On Entry

Comment by Jeremy — August 9, 2007

Although it sounds interesting, you can earn about $160K in New York City any day at all as a J2EE developer.

Comment by Tom Hunter — August 16, 2007

What do you think about ? Is it good place for web developers?

Comment by teno — August 27, 2007

If I were a US citizen, I would take the job and spend about 10% of the salary and hire an iraqi private army for hire

Comment by olie — September 8, 2007

the last line can be
new Ajax.Request('');

Comment by Alexey Bass — October 10, 2007

wow looks really good

Comment by Computer Jobs — November 15, 2007

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