Monday, October 24th, 2005

AjaxAMP 1.0: Network Control for Winamp

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AjaxAMP allows you to control your Winamp client from anywhere on the network. Once the plugin is running, you get a realistic view of your player that you can manipulate as though it was right in front of you.

This plugin allows you to control Winamp over the network using a web browser. It utilizes AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript & XML) techniques to create a remarkably realistic self-updating facsimile of the Winamp interface right in your browser. There are sliders for volume and seek, many keyboard shortcuts are recognized, and you can even drag items around on the playlist. Incorporates Security features such as Basic HTTP Authentication and the ability to allow or deny access to specific IP address ranges.

To use, just run the installer, start Winamp, and point a web browser to the computer’s IP address at port 5151 e.g.


Posted by Dion Almaer at 8:08 am

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AJAX Apps on Localhost are coming along… though I had imagined it as a J2EE appserver on the local machine.

Comment by Migs — October 25, 2005

It is an incredible plug-in, very well done. Will it integrate other winamp functions, like add items to the playlist?

Comment by Leon — October 26, 2005

Great… can this be played like radioblog?

Comment by Dan — October 27, 2005


great Plugin !!!

Is it possible just to show the player view without the playlist ?
And I saw, if you type in:
the player will stop. Which function are provided ?


Comment by Naffzi — October 27, 2005

You did a very good job, love this plug-in.
However, when I add more than 300mp3s to Winamp the plug-in suffers a great performance loss and I’ unable to use it properly.

Comment by l1n00x — November 3, 2005

You did a very good job, I love this plug-in.
However, when I add more than 300mp3s to Winamp the plug-in suffers a great performance loss and I’m unable to use it properly.

Comment by l1n00x — November 3, 2005

Thank you for all the feedback. I have lots more planned for the next version:

* Documentation for all the supported api calls. There are a lot more already built in to the server that have no support in the interface yet.

* More robust I/O Completion Port based server versus multithreaded approach now used

* Support for adding to the playlist. This actually already exists in that the api supports commands like “enqueuefile”, “playfile”, “enqueueplaylist”, “playplaylist”, etc. Lots of work to create a reliable, secure system for browsing files on the server machine. Perhaps I’ll emulate Winamp’s Media Library….

* Interface support for more functions (balance, equalizer???)

I’ll take a look at the performance issues with lots of playlist items. I do some pretty heavy DOM work when updating the playlist. Perthaps that’s where the bottleneck is.

Comment by Gabe Levy — November 3, 2005

Dose AjaxAMP spport unicode???

Comment by youzi — November 12, 2005

I’ve been looking for this for ages! An amazingly polished app. Excellent work!

On the other hand, I have the same problem with large playlists – it’s just too slow at the moment, so I still need to remote to my server to load new songs. Glad to hear you’re working on it. Can you just provide an option to disable the playlist editor in the meantime?

Comment by icey — November 15, 2005

Like Naffzi, I’m also interested in a little documentation about things like “http://server:port/stop” and “http://server:port/next”. These are useful shortcuts, considering the playlist performance problems of this version.


Comment by Icey — November 15, 2005

Hi.. this looks great… but was wondering… is it possible to control this from, say, an electronics circuit connected to the network?!

One could design a project with buttons and a display to connect to a network that could control the Winamp application and perhaps receive the track info for displaying on its display?

You think that this would be possible?



Comment by mark — December 14, 2005

It’s certainly possible. I guess the trick would be building a device that can send HTTP requests. There’s probably a chip or BASIC Stamp available that can do this…

For now, I think I’ll stick to the software side of things and finish implementing all these improvements for the next release. I’ll post back when the updated version is available.

Comment by Gabe Levy — December 21, 2005

[…] Gabriel Levy has released a new version of AjaxAMP the network control for WinAMP. […]

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Love it. Media libray does not work tho. Any pointers?

Comment by Simon — April 11, 2006

Hai, great toy….really, but….someoneelse does get the page with the winamp and can influence my amp….but they hear no sound!!!!

What is wrong?

Comment by Jean — July 2, 2006

where can I download it?

Comment by EiFram — August 17, 2006

Simon: The sound will not be transported to the machine of the person doing the controlling. It will still be playing on yours. This plugin is mainly useful when you want to control another machine in the same room.

Comment by Navin — July 13, 2007

Sorry the above comment was directed to Jean, not Simon.

Comment by Navin — July 13, 2007

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