Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

AjaxDataControls v1.0 Ajax Extensison for .Net

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We’ve been trying to get more .Net-related content on Ajaxian and luckily we were contacted by the AjaxDataControls team about their new v1.0 release.

The AjaxDataControls is a’s open source project built on top of Microsoft Ajax Extension. Currently it contains GridView, DataList, Repeater and Pager controls. The main goal of this project is to provide a similar kind of data controls in the client side which the developers are already familiar with while working with the server side version. The Server side versions of these controls were developed long before the Ajax came into scene, so there is no client side API which the developer can utilize and it is also not possible to bind data which is returned from a Web Service or Page Method call. On the other hand, AjaxDataControls was specially developed keeping these things in mind. It Provides:

1. Exact same API as the Original Server Side version.
2. Exact same declarative model in aspx page.
3. Full Design time support.
4. Lots of extra features like drag and drop, animation, etc.

It is also possible to use these controls in non-MS platform.

Live examples are hosted:



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Great stuff.Seems like we’ve already stepped into the future of web development.All the best to you.

Comment by faisalhossain — February 13, 2008

The DotNet community was needed that.
Thank you for your initiative.

Comment by ViniciusCamara — February 14, 2008

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