Friday, October 12th, 2007

Ajaxian 2007 Survey Results

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Back in July, we held our third annual Ajax Reader Survey. The results are in. Some interesting observations:

  • Prototype and Scriptaculous still dominate the field with 68% and 59% of readers using them, respectively. jQuery has a respectable 48% share. Yahoo UI!, Dojo, and Ext JS round out the top six. Google Gears enjoys usage by 22% of survey participants–pretty amazing for its youth. Despite Java’s popularity amongst our readers, DWR is only used by 13% of readers, which surprised us.
  • A little over 50% of readers use PHP, and about 40% use Java. Only 20% of readers use .NET technologies.
  • The biggest concern on your mind? Cross-browser rendering issues, with 60% of you listing it as your biggest concern.

What questions/frameworks did we leave out? What do you think of the results?

UPDATE: There were 826 total responses to the survey. (Sorry this was left out of the PDF.)

UPDATE 2: It turns out MooTools received a whopping 11.3% of “Other” write-ins for the Frameworks question. Who knows how high it would have ranked if there was a direct option for it. In any event, we apologize for neglecting to include it.

UPDATE 3: We’ve updated the PDF to include the data in the previous updates.

Posted by Ben Galbraith at 1:52 am

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but.. where’s Mochi? Surely it can’t have fallen out of charts!?

Comment by Fredrik — October 12, 2007

a question that wasn’t asked, if you were to start over, what framework would you use?

I’m willing to guess the numbers will be dramatically different simply because people can’t/won’t move off the platforms they started off using (namely prototype / scriptaculous)

Comment by Wayne Pan — October 12, 2007

what’s missing from this list? Moooooo!

Comment by Justin L — October 12, 2007

Any chance getting hold of the raw data? I’d like to see what a JOIN between framework and application type looks like (i.e. which frameworks are used for full apps and which for prettifying web pages).

Comment by PACSFerret — October 12, 2007

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Comment by Vytas — October 12, 2007

Statistics are the way forward. Would be interested to see how many people are using Ruby? Anyone have any ideas?

Comment by Healy — October 12, 2007

Where is mootools?

Comment by Skowron — October 12, 2007

I remember writing in mootools on the “other” :(

Comment by Will — October 12, 2007

Where is MooTools ???

Comment by Nir Tayeb — October 12, 2007

Where is MilesScript?

Comment by El Gato Del Nombre Miles — October 12, 2007

How many people participated in this poll? 10? 10,000?

Comment by Marcel — October 12, 2007

.NET solutions cost too much money.

Money with development tools, plus money for servers. The few people that use it (like myself) use it at work, that’s it.

Comment by Baz L — October 12, 2007

yeah, mootools got hosed here. It’s fantastic.

Comment by Brian — October 12, 2007

Wow. Those charts are almost useless. Anyone ever heard of a fellow named Tufte?!? Please.

Comment by Douglas — October 12, 2007

The amount of participants is one of the most important aspects of such a set of numbers — if I managed to miss it, someone please point it out. If it’s not there, add it before you embarrass yourself any further.

(And yes, as a professed MochiKit fanboi, I’m sad that that library — and mootools — are not mentioned as separate numbers.)

Comment by Reggie Drake — October 12, 2007

maybe if mootools fostered their community instead of actively trying to drive “noobs” away they would do better on these popularity contests.

the height of irony to complain about getting hosed. mootools hoses themselves with their elitist attitude.

can’t have it both ways.

Comment by troof — October 12, 2007

I started with Dojo and have been gradually shifting over to Moo, but I absolutely agree about the attitude on the forum.

Comment by Matt — October 12, 2007

Next year, when asking about frameworks/libs branch between backend & frontend use please.
As for backend use my money is on Ext ;)

Comment by Miguel Benevides — October 12, 2007

i think moo is great – from an engineering and documentation perspective. however, community is just as important to long term success imho.

it’s their right to act anyway they want. just think it’s short sighted (actually more like immature)

Comment by troof — October 12, 2007

Ah, I remember the entry for the survey, had the same rants in the comments and so many people pointed out that its useless. And now we can see in the results that they where true :-)

+1 point for MooTools and I wanne hug everyone in their cuddly community, we snuggle all day … seriously, using the popular “considered harmful” phrase: Using JavaScript frameworks without any JS skills or without the will to learn some JS considered harmful!

Anyway, nice try for a useful survey, better luck for the next time.

Comment by -McC- — October 12, 2007

Reasonably predictable results, and good to finally hear someone say nobody uses .NET
1- How many participants did the survey have
2- Why wait 4 months for the result?
3- Where is mootools (easy light and free)
4- Where is Backbase 4 (heavy but very complete and clean, and free)

Comment by vitrus — October 13, 2007

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Comment by navot — October 14, 2007

The link to the results is dead. Please fix it.

Comment by Goob — December 10, 2007

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