Monday, October 10th, 2005

Ajaxian Blog Example

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A nice example of drag and drop with Ajax is available at Kjell Bublitz’s blog.

You can show and hide sections, and move them around. Also, various actions are available such as clicking on “Options”.

It is funny that the one thing that isn’t Ajax, is the commenting.


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Posted by Dion Almaer at 9:39 am

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That’s nice and all, but why do I want to fiddle with the sidebar and move posts around? Do I get to add my own rss feeds and a local weather update too?

Another fine example is It has translucent layers and drag and drop posts. It’s kind of a literal tumblelog…

Comment by rick — October 10, 2005

Great stuff this Ajaxian Blog Example

Comment by Heiko — October 10, 2005

Site appears to be down with a javascript error at the moment :(

…which is a great example of why degradable/progressive enhancement javascript is an absolute must.

Comment by Richard@Home — October 10, 2005

I thought the usage of client side scripting to enable drag/drop was cool – but that’s about it. If commenting isn’t AJAX-enabled then I can’t see myself using it on a daily basis.

Comment by John K — October 10, 2005

This site degrades horribly for non-Javascript enabled browsers / bots. No Javascript, no blog. Googlebot and other search engines can’t crawl that blog.

Blogs should be about *content* first, eye candy second.

Comment by Jon — October 10, 2005

(The “This site” in the above comment is referring to the linked site by the way, not Ajaxian.)

Comment by Jon — October 10, 2005

Maybe I sound negative but this seems plain silly to me. I really believe in Ajax but it should be used when it enhances / improves the user experience. A blog like this is using it (probably) ‘because the maintainer can’.

I really hope Ajax isn’t heading this way because that’s the same route Javascript went in the early years. In the beginning it was useful, later on it started to annoy people so much that many of them disabled it entirely.

Comment by Marco — October 10, 2005

Hello everybody.

First of all: thanks for all the input! I am still under heavy development. I expect to have it final at the weekend.

@dion (poster):
the comments are now running with ajax. I am actually evalulating the system. It’s not final, screenshot refers to 4.1, current is 4.2 (which has some issues actually.. workin on it)

yes, in the latest version i made the system fully modular. in theory it will be possible to have fetch content and place it somewhere, save it, etc..

@John K:
I will make the site usable for non-js users. my goal is to make it usable on all browsers: from text-only to eye-candy.

Could you explain why this isnt improving the user expierience? how good is the user-expierience if you confront him with huge loading times, endless scrollings and tons of links? ..

Comment by Mentor — October 10, 2005

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