Wednesday, November 30th, 2005

Ajaxian Contact Manager Demo

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John Theis has built a demo ajaxian contact manager, using ColdFusionMX and SQL Server. The demo ties Ajax calls to select, insert, update, delete and search, and the widget itself is dragable, and minimizable.

The demo comes along with source code for CF heads.


Posted by Dion Almaer at 9:40 am

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Links are dead, does anyone have another link? I’d like to see the demo andor the code.

Comment by anthony — January 2, 2006

The souce code link in the article is dead, just follow the link to the demo page – the source code link on this page is working and will be maintained.


Comment by jt — January 31, 2006

Very awesome contact manager.. If yuo added more stuff like phone, email etc.. It could be used to great effect!

Comment by Wayne Bienek — March 16, 2006

URL has changed again. Here it is:

Also, in the future, just try

Comment by Charlie Arehart — November 21, 2006


Would be happy to help, email for more info.

Comment by jtheis — March 5, 2007

hi cheap mobiles,

glad you’re enjoying it. the site has been mostly dormant for some time but has been undergoing many updates recently. more demos and more refined code are in the works.

Comment by jtheis — August 9, 2007

we are using a similar calendar on our online CRM.
Thanks for showing us how it could be done.

Comment by rent back — November 22, 2007

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