Saturday, November 12th, 2005

Ajaxian Domain Name Search

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This is a very simple, clean use of Ajax.

It is the Instant Domain Name Search application, which sneaks off to the WHOIS gods, telling you what is, and isn’t available for domain registration.

It is very nice if there is a particular term that you want, but some of them are taken. You can make the odd change here or there and end up with something that you may want.

It would be smart if Suggest was also added, letting you know more than just the .com and .net domains. A lot of the registrars do this. “ is taken, but how about”


Posted by Dion Almaer at 2:41 am

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The service seems to get its info about taken/available domains from a local MySQL database. This means that the info isn’t always as updated as you’d like it to be.

Comment by Jonas — November 12, 2005

This is a great idea, but it seems fairly unreliable right now – I searched for a few domains that I knew were free, and they were displayed as unavailable. Clicking through to the registrar shows that they are actually still available.

Comment by PeteCashmore — November 12, 2005

I thought WHOIS information must be protected with some sort of CAPTCHA to avoid abuse.

How can that app bypass it?

Comment by Mrs. J Doubtfire — November 12, 2005

Mrs. J Doubtfire – as I said, the service doesn’t query a whois server directly (that would be way too slow) – it uses a local MySQL database, and they won’t need a captcha to access that one :)

Comment by Jonas — November 12, 2005

They’re only listing com and net domains, both managed by the same mantainer, this probably means that they’re using root dns zone files which can be accessed signing an agreement (free if I remember well) with the mantainer.

Comment by DivByZero — November 12, 2005

Where do you get the information from so that you can add them to your database?!

Comment by Dominik Hahn — November 12, 2005

Dion: thanks for the writeup! I’ve had a few requests to add name suggestions. provides these suggestions to major resellers through an api subscription. If you click through to Yahoo’s alternate suggestions, you can see what would have recommended. A search for ajaxian returns: 1. northajax, 2. lazyajax, 3. skiajax, 4. missajax, and 5. chinajax. is still available.

The domain lists are available from VeriSign for free. (Long URL, just Google “zone file verisign” without the quotes, click on the second link.)

I’m moving the service to another server soon. I’ll be able to keep the domain lists up-to-date once the move is complete.

Comment by Beau Hartshorne — November 12, 2005

Here’s a slight twist on this that does not use a mySQL dB backend, but rather queries yahoo directly.

Comment by stoph — November 13, 2005

just some time ago i built up also such a tool :)

free for use for everybody, it’s a daily updated 6.1gig db ;)

kind regards,

Comment by michi — November 16, 2005

I also made such a tool for my order form, using AJAX but it directly queries the server, and has many domains available.

Comment by Execute — November 18, 2005

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