Friday, November 2nd, 2007

Ajaxian Featured Tutorial: Slideshare Gallery Viewer, no API needed

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For developers, having an API available to access information from your favorite site is a good thing. It’s not always necessary, though, as shown by Christian Heilmann in his latest post. Christian walks us through the process of creating a Slideshare gallery using a simple RSS feed to grab the data:

When I checked my slides I had a look at the API of slideshare but I am always a bit bored with having to go through a developer ID and then do everything on the server. That’s why I put on my “ethical hacker” hat and took a look at the RSS feed of my slides and found everything I need there! If you look at the source of the feed you’ll see that it contains not only the titles and descriptions but also the media code, in this case the HTML to embed the right flash movies.

The nice thing about this tutorial is that Christian explains how to make the gallery unobtrusive so that it degrades properly should JavaScript be disabled:

When JavaScript is available this will be the look and feel and functionality. When JS is turned off all you’ll get is an unstyled list of links pointing to the presentations on

You can see the demo here and full source code is provided as well.

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Neat stuff!

Comment by Lalit Patel — November 3, 2007

I think I can top that with an old library I wrote (not in appearence though, I never bothered to create an interface to actually control the slideshow):

This will fade smoothly between slides when JS is available, but when it isn’t, you don’t just end up with a bunch of links. Instead all slides are wrapped into a single box and you can simply scroll through them inside that box.

Comment by Hans Schmucker — November 3, 2007

Awesome! Blogged it (see my namelink).

I think it’s fascinating that Chris did an end-run around the perceived bureaucracy of our API signup process, and that the RSS and embed codes we provide were powerful enough for him to do so. Way to stick it to the man! ;->

Comment by Jonathan Boutelle — November 5, 2007

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