Monday, May 5th, 2008

Ajaxian Featured Tutorial: Using YSlow for Performance Analysis

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Kristopher William Zyp has written a post on how to use YSlow to analyze the performance of JavaScript applications.

To understand what aspects of a Web application you need to improve, you must properly analyze the components of the application. This article looks at how you can use the Firebug extension to Firefox and the YSlow add-on to instrument a Web application. After you install these tools, connect to the site that you are developing and click YSlow on the Firefox status bar. This opens the YSlow interface in Firebug. Now click the Performance button. YSlow performs an analysis of your application and provides a report on the different parts of the network transfer time of your application, as Figure 1 shows.

Most of the concepts mentioned are derived from the 10 rules defined by Yahoo! for better web application performance but Kristopher breaks down some of the concepts into examples and provides explanation on how to interpret the data. The explanation of the FireBug profiler is especially helpful to those just coming into the Ajax development space and want a better understanding of how to optimize their code:

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Just a note that Yahoo’s rules are not 10 but 34 ;) On the page you quoted ( at the top there are buttons that act as filters. So there are 10 rules in the “Content” category, 6 in the javascript category and so on, total of 34.

Comment by stoyan — May 6, 2008

At this time you should update with an article for the google performance tool – it looks more detailed on a web page!

Comment by wingi — December 16, 2009

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