Friday, June 10th, 2005

Ajaxian Lazy Registration

Category: Ajax, Editorial

Tahpot discusses his thoughts on a new method of performing user registration on an Ajax web application.

I’m referring to “Lazy registration”. One of the problems with a web-based application/service is forcing a user to register. On one hand you want the user to signup so you can create an account in the database and get their email address to confirm (as best as possible) their identity among other things. On the other hand it is imperative to keep the barrier of entry for new users as low as possible. Any registration forms requiring email addresses, passwords, checking an email and entering a code, all inhibit the user from going through with the registration process and generally distract from the task at hand (such as ‘Subscribe to RSS Feed xyz’)

Read more at Lazy registration (with AJAX)

NOTE: Tahpot is the creator of FeedTagger, which allows anyone to search, browse or subscribe to regularly updated information (blogs, news, etc).

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