Wednesday, June 15th, 2005

Ajaxian MP3 Player

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Jon Buda writes in:

Just wanted to let you know that I released an update to an open source project I started awhile back, mp3act. mp3act is a web based mp3 jukebox that now relies on ajax and javascript to power the interface. I complete redid the interface to work with ajax.

check it out at

There is a demo site up as well.

Very cool Jon! The fade technique, hover-over information, and loading indicators are nice. This app is a great example of how Ajax is closing the gap between Web and rich clients.

Posted by Ben Galbraith at 12:08 am

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I can’t log into the demo. Says to use demo/demo, but that fails. Server overload? New login? Please let me know. I wanna see how it works! =]

Comment by Ramin — June 15, 2005

The Demo site works now. Forgot to disable the demo users ability to change the account password. oops!

Comment by Jon Buda — June 15, 2005

Is it supposed to play the mp3’s on the site itself? Because everytime I click on Play, FF asks me to download or save the .m3u file. I thought it would actually play the songs in the browser (using Flash or something.) Still pretty cool.

Comment by Ramin — June 15, 2005

I decided against using a flash plugin because that would require you to keep your browswr open to listen.I would rather have it play in an external program. Although I may still consider the flash plugin for ease of use and compatibility issues.

Comment by Jon Buda — June 15, 2005

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