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Ajaxian Roundup for January, 2008: JavaScript Turtles and IE 8

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January has started the month out in some style. We are seeing a lot of news that shows the Web may actually be moving forward a little. One sign of that is the trickle of news that comes out of Redmond on IE 8. IE8 Compatibility with X-UA-Compatible sparked debate throughout the entire Web community, and when all is said and done, it shows you what happens when you do not have good early communication. Just work with us. Before you ship. Chat with Hixie and get involved in HTML 5 now.

JavaScript continues to thrive and move throughout the stack. First we had the news of Aptana Jaxer, which allows you to write your Ajax code and have it run on the server. This even means munging with the DOM and having it all work and spit out HTML. This isn’t your old ASP JScript.

I also had the pleasure of chatting with Steve Yegge on Rhino on Rails: JavaScript MVC on the server where we discussed the implications of having a Rails port in JavaScript.

The browsers keep getting better, and we saw real support for Cross-Site XMLHttpRequest in Firefox 3 and the like. I have been talking over Google Gears future APIs that may be in early stage work, or just ideas in my head. I think that we are getting the word out about Gears not being just about Offline, but a tool to upgrade the Web on the fly.

We are seeing more of the social networks getting into the mix. Facebook released an Animation library and then followed that up with a full JavaScript Client Library.

And then Google just released the Social Graph API.

A great month, and here is to the next one:










Flash / AIR


Browsers / HTML Standards

CSS / Design





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As always, thanks for this month-at-a-glance! It’s a nice refresh of what’s just gone by and I wish more news-oriented sites and blogs did this.

With that said, many casual readers here may not follow your employment too closely. The statement “I think that we are getting the word out about Gears not being just about Offline, but a tool to upgrade the Web on the fly” gave me a little pause, wondering if “we” in this context was Ajaxian, or Google. Since you are the sole author credited for this post, I’m sure you can appreciate that it is tricky for someone (like myself!) to distinguish between Ajaxian’s interest in GWT, and your interest in GWT (as a member of Google’s Developer Programs group).

I’m not sure of your exact position, so please correct me if I’m mistaken, but, at least from a distance, it seems to be somewhat marketing or advocacy related. Is that fair?

I think this has become a really important and useful forum. I’m a huge fan guys! And Dion, I think your disclosure has, generally, been excellent and appropriate — with your regular readers well-apprised. But with all of the above said, should we expect your two roles to remain separate? Or should we expect some overlap?

I imagine, personally, I would fine the former difficult, but would appreciate your comments.

Thank you,

— Matt

ps – In my own full disclosure, I’m am not, nor is my employer, a competitor to GWT. I’m certainly making this comment on my own accord. Professionally, as a consultant, I am a user/consumer of tools like GWT and a reader of Cheers!

Comment by MattC — February 2, 2008

Well said MattC, there seems to have been a shift in the neutrality of this blog. There’s some extra GWT promotion going on but that’s life (there’s always some bias somewhere). Still enjoy very much reading the news here.

Comment by Jonathan Bond-Caron — February 2, 2008

Apologies, in my above post I typed began typing “GWT” about halfway through, in place of Gears. I meant Gears.

Comment by MattC — February 4, 2008

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