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Ajaxian Roundup for March, 2008: IE 8, Acid3, and Performance

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As we sit through the fun and frolics of April fools day on the Internet, we can look back on a busy March in Ajax land. Often life is dominated by Ajax libraries, as they continue to make our lives easier, but this time it was about the browsers and the standards. With IE 8 we finally saw a dusting off of a browser that has been largely out of the game for many years. After poking around more with activities and Web slices, they actually seem interesting indeed, but we really care about the non-user facing stuff. We want IE 8 to catch up and give us our APIs. The first public beta is promising, and now we need to watch for the next. Safari 3.1 was released, and Firefox 3 is looking close, with the betas looking top notch. I personally wouldn’t mind teaching the browser a couple of new tricks too.

Standards were in the air starting with the IE 8 standards mode switch and then jumping to the Acid 3 news, and even IE got some Acid groove.

Finally, we seemed to have a ton of news revolving around performance. Some of this came from testing the new browsers and seeing huge performance improvements, but others were just new general best practices. Performance seems to be on the forefront of peoples minds right now, which is great to see.

Thanks for a great month. Please contact us with Ajax news as you see it, and here is the roundup:








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Great work.
It’s some helpfull!

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