Thursday, November 3rd, 2005

Ajaxian To Do Lists programmed with XForms

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Erik Bruchez of Orbeon has put together an XForms based To Do list application. It implements a dynamic user interface for To Do lists done 100% with XForms, on top of the open-source-Ajax-enabled OPS XForms engine.

This example illustrates many XForms features, such as:

  • Nested xforms:repeat
  • Use of “relevant” for conditional display of controls
  • Typing which allows for automatic formatting of dates
  • Use of xforms:submission with instance=”replace”, here to call a service able to format an XML document into HTML.
  • Use of multiple instances
  • Use of xforms:setfocus and xforms:setindex

Check out the application

Check out the the formatted source code


Posted by Dion Almaer at 8:58 am
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Thanks for posting this! Our server had a little trouble at the beginning, but it seems to be doing fine now.

I also wanted to mention that, while I am one of the developers of the Ajax-based XForms engine, this example was in fact written by Alessandro Vernet.

Comment by Erik Bruchez — November 3, 2005

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