Thursday, September 15th, 2005

Ajaxian Wicket: Java Web Framework

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We spoke about Tapestry earlier in the week.

A new kid on the Java-web-framework block is Wicket which is:

A component-oriented web framework which simplifies the creation of complex web user interfaces. The look and feel of Wicket web pages is defined in ordinary XHTML, which can be edited with standard Web tools such as DreamWeaver or Go Live. The pages are then made dynamic by associating Java components. Wicket components are extensible within the Java language, much like Swing components, and can be backed by POJO (Plain Old Java Object) model objects that can be persisted using an ORM tool, such as Hibernate or JDO. Wicket also enables developers to create and package advanced reusable Web components.

Ryan Sonnek has been writing about Ajax support in Wicket, including a autocomplete text field component:

add(new AjaxAutocompleteTextField("fruit") {
    public String[] getResults(String input) {
        //lookup potential results from database or something
        return new String[] {
            , "Banana"

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