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The results of our second annual survey, prepared by Richard Monson-Hafael from the Burton Group, are in. And the winner is… Prototype, the most popular Ajax framework, by a considerable margin: 43% of you use it. is next, at 33%, confirming observations that many of made of the popularity of that duo.

The full results of our framework survey follow:

Framework Survey Results

Note that multiple responses per participant were allowed; we’ve also thrown out any result with less than 3% of responses in the above graphic.

We also asked you about the server-side platform you’re using. The big winner here was PHP, with 50% of you using it:

Platform Survey Results

Some other interesting factoids:

  • 25% of you eschew frameworks and work with XMLHttpRequest directly (wow!)
  • 11% of you are using JSON to transfer data; unfortunately, we didn’t ask enough questions to determine how this compares with XML or other data formats
  • 3% of you are still using Microsoft’s “classic” ASP framework; five of you (~0.6%) are using C++ (+2 points for increased performance, -100 for increased complexity?)
  • 2% of you wrote in to say that you’re using Adobe’s Flex toolkit (hey, those banner ads are working out…); 2% also indicated that they use the Flex/Ajax bridge. Unfortunately, the survey software we used doesn’t let us correlate these entries, so we can only say that 2%-4% of you are using Flex in some way
  • One participant uses Delphi (how’s that working out for you?), and another is using LISP (can we hire you?).

The survey results are based on 865 participants over the course of a week in September, 2006. The raw results are available.

UPDATED: Changed the wording of the Adobe Flex bullet above to be more accurate.

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The results of the second annual survey have been announced. Not suprisingly, the most popular…

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[…] Well, that probably doesn’t say much, but in a recent poll taken over at, Coldfusion was used by a respectable 45 out of 865 respondents. Of those 45 (presumably) 10 were using AjaxCFC and another 3 use CFAjax. I’m surprised another 2% were using Flex in conjunction with Ajax (not neccesarily using CF though), a majority using the Flex-Ajax Bridge (1.4%).  Another 8 people wrote in Spry as one of their most often used ajax frameworks as well, which is a decent .9% of respondents.  Interesting poll still, but it does make me curious about the global useage of Coldfusion. […]

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Prototype Protytype er en spinoff fra Ruby on Rails laget av Sam Stephenson

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[…] released the results of their 2006 survey recently and it looks like Prototype and PHP are the most popular tools for building AJAX apps these days. It’s interesting to see Perl dragging into last place among programming languages. This reinforces a suspicion I’ve had for the last few years that Perl is trending to become a language used by system admins (once again) rather than by web developers. I expect to see this manifest itself as Ruby, and PHP eat away at it’s market share. […]

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“Note that multiple responses per participant were allowed”

That says it all!!! Get good numbers before you try to state it as fact.

Comment by Joe — December 7, 2006

I totally agree with what Fnustle said. I see all these frameworks but I tend to find them difficult to work with from the lack of javascript experience. I feel that these frameworks should be extremely easy to install onto your own webpages without having to do little to no javascript coding.

Comment by rob — February 12, 2007

Only PHP :)

Comment by Okan Özkan — February 23, 2007

Its good to find that so many frameworks are availaible for easy development of AJAX. But with so many frameworks coming up wont this be a chaos for the developers what framework to use and when?
You cannot adopt any framework, just because it is popular, we also need to give a consideration to the fact what will sustain, the pros and cons of each framework. Doesn’t anyone feel the need of one common framework which addresses all issued over the WEB for AJAX to grow without much chaos. I am new , do tell me if there is such framework developed in collabaration with well defined and agreed specifications.

Comment by Animesh — March 27, 2007

Hey! You spelt xajax wrong! (no caps)

Comment by BigBrownChunx — April 2, 2007

Great plugin! nice work.

Comment by Skischule — September 6, 2007

Fine plugin, thanks.
Greetings from France

Comment by Debrian — September 15, 2007

Make it tradition. Run 2007 survey.

Comment by Andrey Naumov — September 20, 2007

Great plugin, thanks.
Greetings from Canada

Comment by teamkiller — October 2, 2007

I think that this has taken a turn.

Comment by vanetino — May 4, 2008

It is even taken to PHP like a language to only make pages Web, that is false. This demonstrating that many things with PHP can be done.

Comment by traza — November 10, 2009

4 years after this article was written the tendences are the same in Ajax Framworks.

Comment by IDCLogic — November 3, 2010

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