Wednesday, July 11th, 2007 Annual Reader Survey

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We have opened up our third annual Reader Survey.

We are looking to learn more about the Ajax community, so please spare a couple of minutes and let us know more about how you are using Ajax.

Sample questions are:

  • Which browser Plug-ins have you used or have you considered using?
  • Which frameworks have you used or have you considered using?
  • What languages/platforms do you primarily use (both on the client and server-side)?
  • What are your biggest concerns around Ajax-based development?

We are looking forward to seeing what Ajax developers are up to, and hence where the market is moving. Can’t wait to share.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 2:42 am

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Maybe a ‘None’ option for Q7?

Comment by Greg — July 11, 2007

Greg: was just about to comment on that as well :)

Comment by Sleepyhead — July 11, 2007

Others -> none here too ;)

Comment by Kilburn — July 11, 2007

Strange combination, MooTools for example is not in the list of frameworks, but Symfony, which does not really fit, since its a PHP MVC Framework and the only non-javascript framework in the list.

Comment by Harald — July 11, 2007

I have it when a style changes the foreground or background of a control element, but not both. Why the hell do ‘designers’ always assume that the users will be running a lighter theme for their desktop environment. I couldn’t see what I was typing in that form at all. And I can barely make out what I’m typing in this form too.

Comment by Viktor Kojouharov — July 11, 2007

I wonder which JS library happens to be the most popular one this time…

Comment by kangax — July 11, 2007

Jesus Christ, nice touch on the custom radio buttons and check boxes!

Comment by Tim Cooijmans — July 11, 2007

Does anyone have the results of the last two Ajaxian polls? It’d be great to see how different trends and new technologies and software have changed the results.

Comment by Scriptor — July 11, 2007

@Tim Cooijmans
Are you kidding? They are ugly as hell

Comment by Joe Klotson — July 11, 2007

I don’t think they anything to do with it. The survey is at surveymonkey.

Comment by Harry Bailey — July 12, 2007

You shouldn’t make all the questions required–they should all be optional.

Comment by RH — July 12, 2007

I know there are a million frameworks out there, but I really was surprised Mootools wasn’t on the list.

Comment by Aaron Newton — July 16, 2007

Had to come and comment to grumble at the lack of mootools on the framework list. Come on!!

Comment by Paul Irish — July 17, 2007

I don’t understand the percentage results. Shouldn’t be the 100% the sum of the results? For example:
Current Use of Ajax frameworks, toolkits, or libraries:
In production 81.2%
In development 79.3%
In a proof-of-concept or prototype 49.6%
In nothing at this time 4.4%


Comment by Carlos — October 12, 2007

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