Friday, August 26th, 2005 Launches New Ajax Podcast!

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We decided to bite the bullet, and try a new medium. Thus started the fun and games required in getting a Podcast up and running.

Our first opening podcast focuses on:

  • Introducing what we want to do with the podcast
  • Having Dion and Ben discussing Ajaxian issues
  • Going through recent items discussed in the Ajax community, from DWR, to Prototype, to CPAINT, and more

The RSS feed is located at:

Our ODEO channel


We are looking for YOUR feedback and participation. is a community, and we love your ongoing input.

  • What would you like us to cover in the podcast?
  • Who would you like us to interview? (we have some exciting interviews in the pipeline)

Thanks for the help, give us a listen!

Update: Direct Link

Direct Link to MP3

We certainly had fun with GarageBand.


Posted by Dion Almaer at 12:59 am

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It’s best to provide a direct link to the MP3 from the post, that way people can download it easily without having to subscribe to the podcast (assuming they have software that can handle it).

Comment by David Carrington — August 26, 2005

Just out of curiousity, is this in the Apple Store podcast section yet?

Comment by Kyle Adams — August 26, 2005

LOVE the podcast. Please keep it up. I will listen regularly.

One request. Please fade out the background music. It makes it hard to listen to. Thanks.

Comment by Jesse Gavin — August 26, 2005

This is excellent, guys. I’m about 5 minutes into the podcast now, and enjoying it. A suggestion: kill the music after the introduction of the show. It’s a little difficult to listen to throughout the whole show.

Keep up the great work!

Comment by Chris Beams — August 26, 2005

Yeah, the music during the show has to go. Music during intros and exits would be fine, and Zero 7 is great, but the 20 minutes of looping 20 seconds of music is not working.

Good show though, keep up the good work.

Comment by mark — August 26, 2005

Good stuff, very informative podcast. Saw you’re talk at TSS Symposium last March on Ajax and noticed a spike in interest after that talk. Thanks for the SVG/DWR and other info.

Comment by Tom Dyer — August 26, 2005

We will definitely fade the music out for the next one. A mistake on our part :)

mark: kudos on knowing the artist though :)


Comment by Dion — August 26, 2005


Good point :)

I updated the post to link to the mp3 directly. Thanks for the feedback.


Comment by Dion — August 26, 2005

Kyle –

We added it to Apple, but it was taking awhile to update….. hopefully they will get it in there soon!


Comment by Dion — August 26, 2005

Over the weekend we put up a new version of the ‘cast that kills the loop during the discussion.

Thanks for the feedback!


Comment by Ben Galbraith — August 29, 2005

I listened to the podcast on my way into work today. Good show! I attended Ben’s Ajax talk at No Fluff Just Stuff this weekend in Cincy, it was a great session. Thanks!

Comment by John Cook — August 29, 2005

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