Monday, January 2nd, 2006 Redesigned for 2006

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We never intended that our 3 am, quick-and-dirty, hacked-up website template would stay with us as long as it did. And so, we reveal our new look for 2006; we hope you like it. Of course, we realize you come for the content, but hopefully now good ol’ is a little easier on the eyes.

As we near the one-year anniversary of the Ajax meme, we’re amazed at how far Ajaxian techniques have penetrated into the world of web development. From small boutique design firms to large dysfunctional corporations, Ajax is truly everywhere. And my, how the world has changed. But don’t worry, we’ll spare you another “Web 2.0, everything is new again” editorial.

Instead, we just want to express our profound excitement for the future of Ajax, and we want to thank you, our readers, for submitting so many interesting stories and for all of the great comments (especially the various “Ajaxian sucks!” posts).

This new redesign is just the beginning of what we have cooking for 2006. So please, keep us on your daily read list, give the podcast a listen, leave the confines of your RSS reader and visit the site every now and then, and as always, send in your feedback and story submissions to us at ajaxians [at] ajaxian [dot] com.

Happy New Year!

The Ajaxian Crew

Posted by Ben Galbraith at 7:26 pm

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I am constantly checking this site for Ajax news / Happenings and I’m happy to see it going forward.

This design is much better, congrats and happy new year.

Comment by Alex Giron — January 2, 2006

Sweet design :) it also has my name highlighted ;)

Comment by ian — January 2, 2006

Wow! That’s a beautiful design!

Congrats, guys.

Comment by ceejayoz — January 2, 2006

It looks good; if I had one criticism, it would be to drop the gratuitous rounded corners on the right column; it doesn’t seem to fit in with the straight edges you’ve got (almost) everywhere else.

Comment by Joe Grossberg — January 2, 2006

I don’t recognize it. That’s how good the re-design is.

Comment by Third — January 2, 2006

Did the redesign kill some of the existing comments, or was mine just special? ;-)

Comment by Dori — January 2, 2006

Definitely a huge improvement…

A little noisier, might want to check the contrast in the footer, and the Patterns link in the main nav should have something warning you that it takes you elsewhere (as opposed to filtering news posts like I thought it would).

But definitely a nicer design by far!

Comment by Shawn — January 2, 2006

Good… design.

Comment by syhan — January 2, 2006

looks great, definitely easier for the eyes …

Comment by Rob Gonda — January 2, 2006

Incredible! I absolutely love it! I’ve actually been hoping for this site to be redesigned, as I wasn’t very fond of the previous design, but this new design is what I hoped for and so much more. Thanks, guys, you really did a superb job!!

Comment by Jonathan Fenocchi — January 2, 2006

I was just about to offer some help concerning the previous design…

No really, I’m not that arrogant. Happy New Year! Love it.

Comment by Bradley — January 2, 2006

Great Job, really looks good, interface sets things off really nice, love the colors good choice.

Happy New Year!
– Just another daily user!

Comment by Steve — January 2, 2006

Looks fantastic! Great color choices, better organization, and I am happy to see you guys follow Web standards. You are true professionals in every sense of the word. Looking forward to more podcasts and topic entries; keep up the great work!

Comment by Dylan Carlson — January 2, 2006

much much better. nice work.

Comment by jarred bishop — January 2, 2006

Looks great guys. I just hit reload and hey presto – new look! What can I say – looks FLASHY! – oh the irony. Keep up the good work…


Comment by Nomadiq — January 2, 2006

It looks really good. You are providing information about great stuff

Comment by Abi Bellamkonda — January 2, 2006

Hooo! Thanks for this great new design guys!

Comment by Romain Guy — January 2, 2006

When in the middle of a column of comments, I have trouble telling which comment is associated with which commenter, if you know what I mean. Other than that, lovely!

Comment by Josh — January 2, 2006

Wow, this is awesome. Love the color scheme and the gradients.

Comment by Adi Unnithan — January 3, 2006

Ajaxian redesigned (and finally on WordPress)

Yay! We finally got Ajaxian updated with a new design and converted to WordPress from Movable Type. The redesign is great and long over due, but even more important to me is to not have to deal with the horrible Movable Type admin interface. After …

Trackback by Panasonic Youth — January 3, 2006

Hey, ajaxian allows trackbacks now, too. Now we better get some anti-spam plugins in quick! =)

Comment by Rob — January 3, 2006

I’m not a designer, but I know what I like, and this is it! I really like the curves on the search box, and placing the rss icon in the main navigation is just genius.

One thing I’ve hoped for over the last year was that would “eat dog food” by publishing from an Ajax-based blogging system. WordPress is definitely on its way to becoming just that system.

Oh – another thing. When first appeared on the map, I thought “another bandwagon afficionado”, but you’ve proved me very wrong! This site’s feed is one of the first that I add to my rss readers when I set up a new machine.

Well done on proving fantastic coverage of all things bleeding-edged, and I look forward to more of the same!

ps: Look, ma, I’m on Ajaxian!

Comment by Kae Verens — January 3, 2006

Great improvement of the layout, good work!

As said above from others, the contrast in the footer needs a check, and maybe this comment input form also, looks a little strange. But these are the pains of a new layout everybody has to live with ;)

Comment by Dirk — January 3, 2006

Very nice!!! This is definitely a huge improvement. It looks very classy. Finally a look that matches the excellent content of this site.

Well done!

p.s.: did you guys ever get my mail on a new ajax item?

Comment by Marco — January 3, 2006

Looks really fantastic guys!

Comment by Christopher — January 3, 2006

Very sweet design m8’s

Comment by Gilles — January 3, 2006

Fabulous ! It is a pure creation or a bought template?

Comment by Jeremie Berrebi — January 3, 2006

Way better !
Cheers and happy new year !

Comment by Quentin — January 3, 2006

Wonderful job guys! A definite improvement over the previous look and feel…I look forward to even more great things to come from this site!

Comment by enygma — January 3, 2006

I love the visuals, try using PHPTAL to render valid pages.

Comment by Van Peterson — January 3, 2006

Very nice, guys! I just found out about the site a few weeks ago and I’ve been subscribed to your feed ever since. Keep up the great work!

Comment by Jonathan — January 3, 2006


Thanks for all your very kind comments. And not one “It sucks!” Of course, our old design was so bad to begin with, I guess anything would have been an improvement.

Let me address some questions:

Contrast levels: We’ll take a look. I made the mistake of spending most of my time reviewing the design on a Mac. We tested the site on PCs, of course, but didn’t really look at the levels. Will do.

Comments blending together: We agree. We’ll do something about that.

Curves versus straight lines: My fault. I asked for the site design to be made a little more curvy… maybe we took it too far on the right-hand side.

Template vs. creation: It was created for us from scratch.

Lost comments: We didn’t intentionally delete any content; we’ll look into that.

Thanks again for taking the time to share your thoughts.


Comment by Ben — January 3, 2006

Oh my stars and garters! I enjoyed the content of, but despised how it looked. You guys finally got rid of that horrid gray background that made the text so difficult to read. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Many times over thank you.

Comment by Ed — January 3, 2006

impressive design, congrats!!!

Comment by Allan Rojas — January 3, 2006

Very, but cool. A welcome change.

Comment by Nick Dunn — January 3, 2006

Color scheme is nice but fixed-width three-column layout definetely sucks (hey, you have asked for comments, haven’t you?) I would prefer both side columns combined in one, content column made wider and having overall layout fluid with fixed minwidth.

When fonts are enlarged, the main menu slids under the right column. The height of the top bar is not resized together with header text.

Captcha think seems broken. Oh, and double submit detection scheme sucks big time.

Comment by Michael J. — January 3, 2006

Michael J.: We’re pretty sold on the three-column layout, but we’re in the process of converting the center column to a fluid layout. Only so much we could tackle before the launch. :-)
RE: fonts. Thanks for the feedback, I hadn’t noticed this.
RE: captcha. I’ll double-check. We’re using SK2, the excellent spam detector for WordPress. It won’t display a captcha unless it doesn’t like you.
Thanks for the feedback, my friend.

Comment by Ben — January 3, 2006

Ben, thanks for not taking the S word personally :) Actually I quite like the new design. I am fond of red/orange/yellow colors, I am not a designer myself but I know what I like. IconBuffet looks very similar indeed, so I won’t feel guilty when I steal your color scheme :)

About captcha: when I tried to submit my first post (Firefox, Javascript is forbidden), I was presented with very basic text-only HTML form telling me to enter captcha key, but there was no image. I hit Back and resubmitted, this time there was no captcha question, but I was told that my comment was about to be submitted twice. So I opened another browser and posted from there what turned out to be a repost (thanks for deleting it).

Three-column: I understand that you want to separate “Links” section from “Ads” section and put as much as possible to the top so people could see it. It is just hard for me to see so much space being lost in the bottom of these columns. I guess I am used to small screens, so I prefer content to be as dense as possible. With current layout and proportions, fluid middle column would make sense on monitors with 1024 or higher horisontal resolution, but won’t help much for smaller screens. Well, I’ll keep my browser window maximized :)

Comment by Michael J. — January 3, 2006

So much better! Good Job!

Comment by Joe Kwon — January 3, 2006

“Contrast levels: We’ll take a look. I made the mistake of spending most of my time reviewing the design on a Mac. We tested the site on PCs, of course, but didn’t really look at the levels. Will do.”

I actually wrote that (after seeing it) from a Mac.

A very old iMac CRT, but a Mac. I didn’t even think of the difficulty of reading from a Windows box…

Reading it now at work on a newer one with a decent monitor it looks fine, but would still blend in a bit much for those with bad eyesight.

Comment by Shawn — January 3, 2006

look very nice, good job!

Comment by cotton — January 3, 2006

Fantastic job. I usually browse via Bloglines anyway, but from what I remember of the old layout, this is a vast improvement. Keep it up.

Comment by Darren Hoyt — January 3, 2006

Michael J: Thanks for the follow-up. Actually, we have something different planned for the columns than what is there presently. Otherwise, I’d agree with your take on ’em. :-)

Comment by Ben — January 3, 2006

I was really used to the previous design, as I read Ajaxian every two hours =P. Well done!

Comment by Guillermo — January 3, 2006

Wow i really like the new design! Happy new Year to you too!

Comment by Robert — January 4, 2006

Great redesign! Really cool !

Comment by Nikos — January 4, 2006

[…] To commemorate the advent of 2006, Ajaxian, your one-stop shop for all things AJAX has launched a new look. It's quite spiffy and a marked improvement on their old design, so head on over and give it a gander. […]

Pingback by Ajaxian Gets A Redesigned at Literal Barrage — January 4, 2006

Nice, very nice. I have Ajaxian in my rss reader, so I didn’t realise until I got to read the entry. I guess the title gives it away a bit…
As people said before, the listed comments can be a bit confusing, but I’m sure you’ll work it out. All the best for 2006!

Comment by Matthias — January 5, 2006

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