Monday, October 13th, 2008

Ajaxians join Mozilla; Creating a Developer Tools Group

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Today, we are really excited to be able to announce a big personal change. Ben and I are joining forces, full time, for the first time. What are we doing? We are joining Mozilla to create a new group with the charter to create developer tools for the Open Web.

Mozilla is placing a big bet, not only on us, but in the developer tools space.

Why are we doing this? Ben and I are passionate about a couple of things: compelling software and developers. In various roles in the past, we have built tools that attempt to make developers productive. We are huge advocates for the Open Web, yet we feel that tools are lacking on our collective platform. We want to help make a difference.

As we ramp up this new group, we will be looking at the problem and seeing where it makes sense to step in. We are going to be experimenting, and thinking about how to make developers lives better in different ways, so we aren’t expecting to see traditional tools come out of this group. Also, we don’t want to do this alone. We want to involve the entire community which is one reason that we are so excited to kick off this work at Mozilla. We believe that we have a unique opportunity to put developers first. We can build these tools in the open, with total transparency; the Mozilla way.

We respect the work being done by other vendors, and very much want to work together. We can’t wait to reach out early-on in the process, involving companies that believe in the Open Web like we do. Together we can drastically improve productivity, allowing developers to build compelling user experiences.

We are just getting started. As soon as we come up with some ideas, we will be sharing then with you and asking for community participation in various forms. You, the Ajaxian community, have been phenomenal over the years, and we can’t wait to do more together.

For our personal takes, see what I said and Ben thought.

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Congrats Dion! Looking forward to the new ideas and tools that come out of the group.

Comment by RKlophaus — October 13, 2008

Congrats guys :D

Comment by V1 — October 13, 2008

This is GREAT news! As I told you a few years ago, my vision for Open Development for the web was why I started OpenDomain. I gave severla domains to foster it.
Would you be Open to using OpenAjax.Com or otherwise working with the OpenAjax Alliance ?
I have some great references – I also gave to Brendan Eich.

Comment by OpenAjax — October 13, 2008

Congratulations you guys! /me golf claps

Comment by starkraving — October 13, 2008


Comment by davidwalsh83 — October 13, 2008

Hi – I’d like to contribute. I’m new to ajax programming, so I’m not sure I could contribute on development, but I’d be happy to do documentation, if you’d like. Thanks, Ken

Comment by kpenn — October 13, 2008

Congratulations guys!

Comment by cb1kenobi — October 13, 2008

Congrats, good news indeed. If you’re planning to implement your tools in XUL, I’m thinking the first thing you’ll be doing is writing a usable API over that nasty low level XUL/Mozilla API, which might make it possible for mere mortals to write more XUL-based code.

Comment by sos — October 13, 2008

Great news guys. I am an IDE and tools junkie and cannot live without Eclipse and Aptana Studio. I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with.

Comment by jgilfelt — October 13, 2008

Thanks a lot guys. We are anxious to have posts that show actions and code and not talk.

jgilfeit (and others),

If there is something that you wish your tools did, let us know :)

Comment by Dion Almaer — October 13, 2008

great stuff, if I am not wrong you belong to Google as well, am I right Dion?

Comment by kadnan — October 13, 2008

This is great!

But why not help out and invest in Eclipse ATF (AJAX Toolkit Framework)?

Comment by CyberSliver — October 13, 2008

Nice! Congrats Dion and Ben!

Comment by emwendelin — October 13, 2008

That sounds like good news guys!

Can you disclose some more information about what platform are these tools are going to be based on? Are we talking about FF extensions, Eclipse plugins?

Comment by synodinos — October 14, 2008

Great news Dion, does this mean you won’t be working for G anymore…?
Ra-Ajax (my project) needs help, mostly USERS in fact which are willing to give feedback on the lib and others writing tutorials and documentation things…
Feel free to jump in .. :)

Comment by ThomasHansen — October 15, 2008

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