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AjaxLaunch Readies their AjaxOS

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From the group that brought AjaxWite and AjaxSketch to the web, AjaxLaunch, comes a seak peak at their latest project – the AjaxOS, a complete Ajax-enabled operating system (based on Linspire).

In a few weeks we will be releasing the ajaxOS, a fully functional AJAX-aware operating system. The most exciting feature in ajaxOS is the ability to store to a remote server, with full access to file navigation on this remote server as well as your computer’s hard disk. As easily as you save and open documents on your local machine, you will be able to do so on our secure servers.

To see Michael Robertson’s presentation on AJAX software and a demo of ajaxOS, click here or visit the ajaxOS product site at www.michaelrobertson.com/ajaxos .

It looks interesting, but I’m not sure what kind of advantages there’d be with an OS that understands Ajax. There’s some teasers on the functionality that could have promise (ability to save files to a virtual storage, and be integrated directly with it) – only time will tell though. Keep an eye out for this release soon!

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We don’t need OS dependant web-apps. Browser dependant web-apps are bad enough.

While maintaining files on the server/client level and the ability to maintain some type of data cache for offline use is critical for the success AJAX, I just don’t think a new OS is the answer.

If so, AJAX will go nowhere. Getting a large percent of people to adopt Firefox is a far cry from getting them to adopt a new OS.

I doubt if most of would have heard of JAVA if it wasn’t cross-platform…

Comment by Tony Landis — May 2, 2006


Comment by krazykarl — May 2, 2006

That looks like KDE. Cool. Still think XIN has the best interface myself.

Comment by Joe Anderson — May 2, 2006

Absurd. If what the OS looks like is your biggest concern then give me your credit card number, and I will paint you a real pretty picture.
I would never store my files remotely with this half-thought application, even if my only other option was to manually encode the data myself on aluminum foil in binary using my teeth to imprint the 1’s and 0’s.
Worst idea ever!

Comment by Dan — May 2, 2006

[…] … what nonsense investors will buy into. […]

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What Dan said.

100% a waste of time effort and money

Comment by FuzzyOne — May 2, 2006

Worst idea – EVER.

Comment by Michael K. Campbell — May 2, 2006

Here is a discussion around AjaxTunes, the naming of which is questioned by the poster. Mr. Robertson wrote an insightful response.

Comment by Scott Schiller — May 2, 2006

their tagling should read: AJAX for Bored Geeks!

Comment by TheWeb20Dev — May 2, 2006

I agree that the idea seems quite ridiculous … plus actually I’ve not been impressed by any of the ajaxlaunch’s applications :(

Comment by Massimo — May 2, 2006

Worst idea ever? Worse than terrible Hollywood press nicknames like Bennifer and Brangelina? Worse than the AMC Pacer? Than Star Wars Episode 1? Than 419 scams? Really guys, have a little perspective.

Comment by BillSaysThis — May 2, 2006

Isn’t the whole point of Ajax to work around the limitations that make a browser a browser and not a desktop app? So now we have an OS that..works around the limitations…that it doesn’t have.

Comment by MH — May 2, 2006

@BillSaysThis: Absolutely worst idea ever – more so than Bennifer and Brangelina. Someone spent 3 seconds to come up with those things (x2 seconds for Episode 1), but these guys have actually spent time and energy developing this application. Granted, based on their previous releases, probably not a lot of effort, but still energy that could have been better used. Like saving the whales or lighting fires …

Comment by Dan — May 2, 2006

Thats the point. OSs have many limitations, and are becoming more bloated than ever. Maybe this isn’t the complete answer, but it is certainly part of it. The OS is becoming obsolete. The most important thing is to be able to connect to the internet, and run your apps. If the internet is not available, the OS must be able to store application knowledge, and data from your apps. Everything will run in a browser framework. It will take time getting there, but the payoff in the end is a system that easier to maintain, less moving parts, means less maintanence.

Comment by ThePef — May 2, 2006

worst idea – ever

Comment by Dan — May 2, 2006

worst idea – ever

Comment by Torben — May 3, 2006

This is silly.
I’d rather write IE based HTML Applications for ol’ Win98 :D

Comment by Bill — May 3, 2006

Not stupid. But it’s like Application Service Providing, isn’t it? Only poorer with more restrictions. I don’t wanna cut my movies in the browser! :(

Comment by Dave — May 3, 2006

[…] While most people seem to think this is a “bad idea” (that is a euphamism… “worst idea ever“) I think it is at least worth discussing – an AJAX based operating system is soon to be launched by AjaxLaunch. […]

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I love the critical comments – and your better projects are posted where again?


Perhaps they have a longer term perspective and idea which they haven’t made public yet.

Comment by Andy — May 3, 2006

I really think that if there are investors spending money on this, please see me, I can guarantee a better ROI. I am currently working ona project that needs AJAX but definately what this does is not necessarily needed from an OS unless it helps you get cut off from internet and still provides online capabilty…

Comment by Kapil Garg — May 3, 2006

Yes Andy, they probably do have an earth-shattering plan. They plan to take the wheel, reinvent it, and instead of it being round they’ll make it an octogon. That way it will still roll, it will just take a lot more effort and create a lot more noise. You’re welcome to pay for this product. For Mr. Robertson’s sake, I hope there are a lot of people like you.

Comment by Dan — May 3, 2006

I am sorry but I don’t understand why nobody addresses the fact that any of their product works only on firefox.
You go to see any of those products on any non mozilla based browser: ie, opera, safari, etc and you get:
OOPS! — Firefox 1.5 (or higher) Required for
There have been plenty of ie-based os and applications. I wrote a few ones myself using hta and behaviors and all kind of IE only technologies.
But it was just a nice and “cool” exercise in scripting.

You want it to make web-based? then make it browser independent.
You can use java, javascript or flash. Take your pick.

What they’re doing is not dumb the implementation is
I hope nobody buys or invest in it.

Comment by Diego — May 3, 2006

Oh, and I’m a moron.

Comment by Dan — May 3, 2006

For the record, I did not say I was a moron.
But I may be.
If you don’t have any arguments for this technology (other than the one witty comment) then its obvious that you’ll purchase this item.

Comment by Dan — May 3, 2006

I guess I’m purchasing this item after all! Some may wonder why I like to talk to myself this way. Well, after re-reading all my earlier posts, I realized what a jerk I was. And just wanted to clear up for the others on this forum why I say the things I do. I myself could never create any type of technology, ajax or therwise, so I like to rip others that do :)

Comment by Dan — May 3, 2006

Boy, did this discussion die…

Comment by Dan — May 3, 2006

Why am I talking to myself :)

Comment by Dan — May 3, 2006

If you want to think I’m a jerk for saying what anyone who knows anything about technology is thinking, so be it. The fact that Mr. Robertson is out to make a quick buck by mangaling the AJAX concept may be fine for you, but I have issues with it. Go read the link posted above by Scott Schiller. I deal with clients everyday that see some hair-brained idea on the internet (much like this one) and want to somehow incorporate it into their applications. technology is great, and is a wonderful tool, IF you know what you’re doing. And since all of AjaxLaunch’s other “AJAX” applications have been so stellar, I can only imagine what the quality of this OS will be. I’m not bashing, I’m not hating, I’m just pointing out the obvious. This is a poor idea. Period.
And at least have the balls to use your own name.

Comment by Dan — May 3, 2006

This IS my name. I’m just a better Dan than you are. I see you can dish it out but not take any criticism. You were being a blowhard and you know it. The concept above is an interesting one, though I myself do not think it will fly. But it is a step. Without people like Mr. Robertson innovation would be stymied. So let them create crap if they want to, just don’t buy it if you don’t like it. Don’t come onto some board anonymously and bash it. Call him up. Email him. Let him know your concerns or ideas and actually help technology evolve rather than stifle it.

The “Real” Dan

Comment by Dan — May 3, 2006

Yeah, like anyone will believe there are two Dans …
What is this a step towards?
Animated GIFs?
Maybe DHTML drop down menus?
Go read the link. I’m going to create a version of Linux where all text is pink, and all backgrounds are red, and all buttons blink. Is that innovation? Would that somehow push the term AJAX in exciting new directions. No. Creating an OS that incorporates AJAX is akin to Windows Active desktop. I’m not arguing that people need to step outside the boundries of what is considered normal and useful in order for any progress to be made, but you can’t step so far out that you can’t get back to where you started from and expect the world to care. There are people that innovate, and there are the bottom feeders that come along behind them. I don’t claim to be the former, but I can give you a list of the latter.

Comment by Dan — May 3, 2006

Ah, a well thought out, nice post. Nice work Dan. That’s what I like to see :) I actually agree with you on this. I just hate seeing bashing when no one is there to defend.

Comment by Dan — May 3, 2006

Well I’m glad that Dan and Dan can agree.

Comment by Dan — May 3, 2006

[…] سیستم عاملی Ú©Ù‡ از آژاکس پشتیبانی می‌کند […]

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Hi Dans

still waiting on an answer to my 1st request: just where are your better projects again?!


Comment by Andy — May 5, 2006


So, if we haven’t started work on a project which we’ve already stated we don’t think is worth the effort, we can’t comment on it?

And non-developers can’t have an opinion on whether an application is worthwhile?

Comment by MH — May 7, 2006

Hey MH

of course anyone can have an opinion; it’s just when supposed “experts” post negatively, it makes one wonder just how expert they really are – after all, we have seen none of *their* credentials, as in any of their output product.

Comment by Andy — May 7, 2006

@Andy – This is how I see it:
(1) As far as I can see, no one has claimed to be an expert. In none of the above posts (except yours, strangely enough) does the word “expert” appear. Any one can have an opinion. If you don’t like it, then offer arguments to the contrary – express your own opinion. If you can’t, don’t try and belittle the comments of those that have an argument.
(2) To have any view you want is the cornerstone free speech. Last time I checked, if my views don’t agree with yours, that doesn’t mean they are wrong. No one has to prove anything to you – last time I checked there was no online posting police called A.N.D.Y. I find your approach to be childish and naive.
(3) Agreeing with MH, by your logic only developers can comment on software. That would mean that only politicians can be concerned with politics. Maybe they should be the only ones to vote as well?
Various people have raised valid points concerning this technology above – security, the corruption of the term AJAX, the company’s previous releases, etc. I don’t see you or anyone else offering any arguments of your own. Unless “yeah, well it’s better than your’s” is an argument. Which technically it is, and a fine one, if we were 4 years old. We’re not.

Besides, we all know what happens when you try and make a web browser the core of an OS, now don’t we …

Comment by Really Not Dan — May 8, 2006

“Besides, we all know what happens when you try and make a web browser the core of an OS, now don’t we …”

we turn into Micro$oft?


Comment by Andy — May 9, 2006

[…] Utility (39) […]

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We saw an announcement a few days ago of AjaxOS, an application suite bundled in an AJAX desktop. So now we can all use productivity apps online and pretend we are using our own computers. It turns out that the

Trackback by Agile Ajax — May 12, 2006

Perhaps this will be interesting. An AJAX OS might add more options and power for larger apps to AJAX. Still though, on the surface it does sound like re-inventing the wheel. The frontier of web-based applications is in infancy and who knows what it will look like in 5 ro 10 years time?

The value of applications residing online can’t be overstated though (as this real world example demonstrates [http://www.readitsideways.com/2006/08/web-based-application-to-rescue.html]

Comment by Duncan — August 6, 2006


Comment by a — April 29, 2007

Not the worse idea

Comment by John — April 29, 2007

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