Monday, April 3rd, 2006

AjaxLoad – Custom Loading Indicators

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When your ajax applications start relying on external resources to grab the data they need, there’s sometimes a need for an indicator that there’s still activity going on behind the scenes. These icons are a step in the right direction, but with only the ability to change to black and white, there’s not much flexibility there. Instead, take a look at, site that lets you fully customize the colors of your rotating loading image.

The generator only has the one rotating image for now, but you can assign any background and foreground HTML colors to it and render it right there on the page. The “Download” option lets you save your creation down as an animated GIF file to be used on your site.

The only drawback here is that there’s only the one image to choose from, but I can imagine that if the site gets popular enough, there’ll be a demand for more. (After all, it is in “Beta”…)

UPDATE: There are now seven different types of indicators that you can select from – the circle ball (original), indicator, kit, arrows, indicator big, snake, and a bouncing ball.

Posted by Chris Cornutt at 6:37 pm

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Not a bad idea, but their client-side validation, which blocks non Hex characters, also disables your delete and arrow keys (at least on Safari).

Though I do like the “beta = web 2.0” joke they make.

Comment by Mark Kawakami — April 3, 2006

[…] Por otro lado, si quieres adaptarlo a tu web, un generador, donde puedes seleccionar uno y cambiar el color y el fondo: Ajaxload (vía Ajaxian). […]

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beta == broken ;)

Warning: array_flip(): The argument should be an array in /home.4/a/j/a/ajaxload/www/librairies/images.php on line 129

Fatal error: Only variables can be passed by reference in /home.4/a/j/a/ajaxload/www/librairies/images.php on line 130

Don’t people test their services?

Comment by Marko — April 4, 2006

hsuuhs, boa
agora até na cor q vc gosta, mas o primeiro site lah AJAX Activity Indicators é bem mais completo, porque pra se o problema for mudar a corzinha :p, uso o meu editor de imagens aki e pronto, jah era
Mas usar essas imagens ai nos sites é básico, mas eu ainda prefiro manter a mensagem “Carregando…”

Comment by VitorGGA — April 4, 2006

[…] Here’s a nice collection of AJAX Activity Indicators that I found through AJAXian . I specifically found the link useful because just last Friday I was looking for such a website . Posted in HTML | | this post […]

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Thanks for the feedback.

Sorry for the error you expected Marko (too many people on the website, but the problem was solved).

Also, new indicators will come during the week ;)

Comment by Country — April 4, 2006

What a great idea! I’ve been stuck using a little transparent background one I found awhile back, which has been ok, but I needed something on dark grey, and the black icon got washed out a lot… BTW, there are now many indicator types.

Thanks for this service, saves us all a lot of time rolling our own.

Comment by Dave — April 5, 2006

Awesome! That’s wonderful…

Comment by ceejayoz — April 5, 2006

Toi ten la le duy hoa hoc sinh VN

Comment by le Duy hoa — April 8, 2006

looks like they justadded a few more images to their tool.

Comment by keenan brock — April 15, 2006

This site is really a cool one..

Comment by sainathkm — May 6, 2006

Nice indicators. Now they have 26 different types of indicators.

Comment by Just Wu It — March 24, 2007

I just found another Ajax loading generator on, lets you generate loading icons on demand for your applications. Pretty cool stuff!

Comment by nicolas — June 2, 2007

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