Monday, February 13th, 2006

Ajax@localhost Talk (Harry Fuecks)

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Harry Fuecks has posted his slides from the recent PHP Conference UK 2006 with some of his perspectives on the popular technology.

The slides, in PDF form, start at the beginner level (“what is Ajax?” and “why do we need it?”) , then on to the actual technology behind it all – the “stack”, network latency issues, and methods to help counteract them. He notes some of the limitations that the XMLHttpRequest object has and includes a few other resources, like the “30 Second Ajax Tutorial”.

Harry is the author of the JPSpan javascript library.

Posted by Chris Cornutt at 8:33 am

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At first I found Harry’s anti Ajax stance amusing, some of the lengths he went to muddy Ajax as an approach were extreme, especially hacking the latency examples…

However, its good to see that the issues with the Ajax approach are being discussed, its flies in the face of the Ajax popularist movement…

People do need to learn the potential pitfalls of what they are using and that they will need to be handled , not just ignored! I think this was the main point of the talk.

With OpenRico we use data caching for the livegrid – this is to improve performance – but also has the benefit of protecting somewhat against latency issues…

Hopefully, we’ll see more solutions to the problems discussed in the near future…

Comment by Ross — February 13, 2006

Nice Article!

But, we should be able to address this by creating a request queue – make sure that the second request is sent once the response to first one is received. Also, instead of sending request at every key stroke, we could send a request on ‘x’ keystrokes.

The prototype library on which scriptaculous is based gives helpers for checking active ajax requests.


Comment by Mandy Singh — February 13, 2006

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