Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

AjaxSwing 2.0: AJAX front end for Swing applications

Category: Java, Toolkit

WebCream has been renamed and a new version launched as AjaxSwing 2.0, a framework that “does all server communication via asynchronous JavaScript and uses partial page updates to reflect changes in the browser.”

New Features

  • AJAX functionality for component rendering and asynchronous communication with the server
  • Asynchronous submit of client-side events and operations
  • Partial page updates only to changed components
  • Dramatic speed improvements in rendering and request processing
  • Row context menus in JTable (see TableSupport)
  • Custom node icons and context menus in JTree (see TreeSupport)
  • Improved scripts on UNIX platforms
  • Allow environment variables and directories of JARS in agent.classPath
  • Drop shadows are added to windows

Fancy writing your apps in Swing? If so, check out the demos, and download away.

AjaxSwing Set

Posted by Dion Almaer at 1:22 am

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Not bad.

Maybe it’s me, but stuff is a bit a slow.

Comment by Liming — January 9, 2008

Yes it’s slow…

Comment by freeboi — January 9, 2008

Swing has been known pretty slow in Java. A swing in Ajax should be slow too LOL

Comment by ketyung — January 10, 2008

Looks better then WebStart SwingSet actually:-) I agree it’s not as fast as native AJAX apps but considering that it actually runs a Swing app on the server the performance is not bad. Overall I’m impressed.

Comment by koollx — January 16, 2008

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