Friday, November 10th, 2006

Alexa Traffic Widget Cleanup

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The Alexa traffic widget has been updated as noted by Kian Ann.

It is nicely tabbed, allows you to easily add up to 5 comparisons, but the best feature is the slider for “smoothing”. I will always have the smooth meter on the far right now, as it makes the graph a lot easier to grok. If you are un-smooth you see items facts such as the weekend, swinging the graph all over the place.

It is nice that they added a subtle feature like this to give people a better view on the data. Now, I with that they:

  • Let you get even smoother
  • Show the darn traffic search by default guys. Come on. Noone is at for search :)

Alexa Change

Posted by Dion Almaer at 1:21 pm

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Hey Dion…

I just wanted to say thanks for linking!

Then again, your site is really interesting, and I love all the AJAXing, and I’m looking forward to read your other articles!

Comment by Kian Ann — November 10, 2006

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