Friday, March 10th, 2006

Alexaholic – Get your Alexa Stats Fix

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Alexaholic, created by Ron Hornbaker, is a lightweight site that uses the Alexia traffic chart information to quickly and easily compare multiple domains in interactive, easily-bookmarked pages.

In the main page you can enter in up to five domain names to query and hit the “get my alexaholic fix” button to send off the request. You’ll be greated with a large graph showing the data results from Alexa as well as the thumbnails of the pages at the bottom (if available). All of the normal data views are there – 7 day, 1 month, 2 year, etc – and the different rank types are a tab click away (reach, rank, page views).

On of the cooler features of the site, though, is the ability to grab the code for a “chartlet”, a smaller version of the main graph that you can embed into your site anywhere you choose. It’s a simple matter of grabbing the HTML from the bottom of this page and modifying it slightly to show the domains you choose. The chartlet is fully interactive and can be changed at any time simply by editing your own page – no admin utility needed.

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That is just sweet, the “classic” matchups especially.

Comment by Douglas Clifton — March 11, 2006

Cool, although you might want to s/alexia/alexa/gi;

Comment by John Leavitt — March 12, 2006

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