Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009 beautiful new Cappuccino app

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I am sitting in the JavaOne keynote watching the event in real-time through the new application, It aggregates tweets, links, photos and videos all in one nice interface.

You will notice that the UI has an iTunes-like feel with the bottom timeline, and it looks great. I am starting to wonder if you have to get a UI review from Sofa before you deploy a Cappuccino application? What are you hiding 280North! ;)

Posted by Dion Almaer at 8:47 am

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Cappuccino and Objective J are really some awesome stuff.

Comment by driverdave — June 3, 2009

It managed to crash FF – which admittedly is quite an achievement.

Comment by hymanroth — June 3, 2009

Beauty is certainly in the eyes of beholder. When you select a topic on the left, the text scrolls awfully before settling. In Firefox, when I click on the play/pause button, a ghost icon appears at the top. The bold “Text” is also superimposed on the messages.

It sure is no small job, but I don’t see any reason for excitements.

Comment by ragjunk — June 3, 2009

Another application to take the fun out of lurking around various sites? No thanks.

Also the interface is horrible (eww custom scrollbars), slow and makes my Firefox 3.5b4 leak memory faster than usual.

Comment by Darkimmortal — June 3, 2009

Any ideas why does all cappuccino apps crash on firefox? Maybe it’s caused by firebug?

Comment by gustavs — June 4, 2009

“Any ideas why does all cappuccino apps crash on firefox? Maybe it’s caused by firebug?”

They don’t always crash in Firefox – at least not for me. Are you using Windows?

“Also the interface is horrible (eww custom scrollbars)…”

The interface is not horrible and custom scrollbars that look good and can be scrolled with a mouse wheel. What are horrible are Flash scrollbars. They are ugly and have to be manually scrolled.

Comment by themusicman — August 11, 2009

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