Monday, December 26th, 2005

Amazon Rich Popups

Category: Showcase

If you mouseover the dotted line items such as Essential Mac OS X Panther Server Administration on MacSlash, you will see a rich popup from Amazon.


Since real-estate is precious, and there is only so many types of links, or events on those links that you can do, will web services like Amazon be fighting for our popup space?

Posted by Dion Almaer at 9:21 am

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I hope not, those things bug the hell out of me. I stopped reading DevShed altogether because after swamping their site with graphic ads and popups, they then added dozens of those links to the mix…enough that going around them felt like navigating a maze.

Comment by Shawn — December 26, 2005

i don’t see any popups, ie6 problem?

Comment by ideatalks — September 5, 2006

I hate pop ups

Comment by Plasma TV — March 20, 2007

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