Thursday, November 2nd, 2006

Amberjack: JavaScript Site Tour Creator

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Arash Yalpani has released Amberjack, a tiny and Open Source/GPLed JavaScript library you can use to create nice looking tours for a web site.

There is a tour wizard to make it simple to create your own tours, and a JSON technique is used to post-fetch skins.

Checkout a sample tour to see it in action.


Posted by Dion Almaer at 10:46 am

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only thing i think is a shame is that when you close the tour is doesnt just fade out and stay on the page you’re on, it takes you to the first page as far as i can see.

Comment by Matt Oakes — November 2, 2006

If there is a need for that, I will implement it. It’s just a few lines of code.

Cheers, Arash

Comment by Arash Yalpani — November 2, 2006

I agree with Matt, but it definitely needs to be an option. I’d like to make tours that use demo administration pages where I wouldn’t want the user to stay there, but I’d also make tours that use normal pages that I would want the user to stay at if they closed the tour.

Comment by Jacob — November 2, 2006

I’d like to have options to set multiple steps on one page, e.g. for filling out a test form step by step.
Disabling not already disabled form elements (and styling them as if they were not somehow) would improve the tool even more, I think. The example tour includes some input fields and Firefox 2 displays the cursor, I can even enter characters although the form is covered by a container.

Ah well, commented all that on digg as well :]

Comment by Christian Tietze — November 2, 2006

That is a really nice looking tool! Thanks for sharing it with all!

Comment by Ian — November 2, 2006

I tested it on firefox. It is nice, but i’ve noticed that you can still use the application which is toured. On step 5 of the sample tour, you can actually use the keyboard to input data into the form, navigate to the “Create tour code” button using TAB and “clicking” the button using the space bar. Is it a feature or a bug ?

Comment by Sebastien — November 3, 2006

Hi all, I will try to upload an update of the Amberjack Tour Framework tonight. It will include *some* of the proposed enhancements (where all of remain optional).

Comment by Arash Yalpani — November 3, 2006

A very nice tool. I have already used it.
Check it out…
Take the… TOUR !
Thanks DUDE !!!

Comment by — November 4, 2006

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