Thursday, March 1st, 2007

Amiga Emulated in JavaScript

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When was the last time that you played Shadow of the Beast? or launched Eyes?

Well, the beauty of the internet, and a bunch of time, has enabled an JavaScript emulation engine of the Amiga.

That has more “Wow” than Vista.

Amiga JS Emulation

Posted by Dion Almaer at 12:04 am

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amazing + ingenious. nice username on teh screenshot though

Comment by Gary R Boodhoo — March 1, 2007

Ok Maybe I’m missing something here but clicking on the image above takes me over to and I get a strange google rip[ off page called chipple…. erm any chance of a posting to the proper link so we can take a proper look at this amazing emulator?

Comment by Shaun — March 1, 2007

The nicest part of this Amiga GUI is to drag the top bar down (as you could do with the real Amiga), and see the 3D Amiga ball. Anybody know how to generate the famous “Guru Meditation” ?? ;-)

I Always wondered why Windows lagged so long with functionality given that a versatile compature as the Amiga already existed since the 80s.

Comment by camiel — March 1, 2007

Sorry I post twice, but I have to state also : This is %$&#ING BRILLIANT!!!!

Comment by camiel — March 1, 2007

Try right-clicking.. :-)

Comment by Nick Winfield — March 1, 2007

Just goes to show, Amiga keeps making revivals :)

Comment by Michael Mahemoff — March 1, 2007

Please stop it with the sensational headlines.

I know Rez, the creator of We even worked together when he made this version 2 years ago. He did a really good job. But come on. It may look like WorkBench and feature a few classics of the Amiga but this is NOT an emulator. Not at all.

Even today JavaScript is light years behind what an Amiga500 built in 20+ years ago can do.

Comment by p01 — March 1, 2007

Amazing!!! Commodre forever!!!

Comment by Giovambattista Fazioli — March 1, 2007

This is more of a simulation of Amiga, rather than an emulator. However, this is probably the best demonstration of how to harness the power of Ajax.

Comment by Shahid Shah — March 1, 2007

On IE7 doesn’t work!!!
Try on FireFox

Comment by Giovambattista Fazioli — March 1, 2007

@camiel – It was the talent.

Then engineers that worked at Amiga (then commodore) we’re brilliant. The way they engineered the graphics engines in the eraly amigas to get true 24-bit color out of only 8 bits of storage was amazing – even today. Now it’s all about brute-force and throwing more CPU or RAM at the problem. I miss the old days….

Comment by Karl — March 1, 2007

@karl – indeed, squeezing out functionality was *the* matra those days. By the way, we should send those guys from the Patent Office amiga’s or c64’s (or emulators) together with the huge number of applications and games from the 80s; maybe then they can (finally) decide to throw out 99% of the awarded software patents from the last years. The decade of real software innovation is the eighties IMO.

Comment by camiel — March 1, 2007

i just get an error screen :( FF1.5

Comment by bobb — March 1, 2007

Haaaa… the good ol’ times when games were simple but fun.

Comment by Martin — March 2, 2007

Haaaa… the good ol’ times when games were simple but fun.

Comment by Martin — March 2, 2007

Nice website, but it has some problems with firefox etc. But I get a few red screen amiga software errors. We all remember that screen! Its great to see tho the old Amiga workbench in my web browser!

Comment by Mike — April 2, 2007

hei hei people,

thanks for all your nice comments :’)

btw, as my dear p01 said, it’s not an emulator but “just” an AJAX interface who has the look & feel of the Amiga’s Workbench 1.3.

about the compatibility with browsers, the site evolved a lot since the beginning of the year and now it works fine under firefox/IE/Opera & (i hope) Safari. If you still encounter somes problems please empty your cache and cookie.

Comment by rez — October 5, 2007

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