Tuesday, April 25th, 2006

Amigofish: podcast recommendation system

Amigofish is a Rails-based podcast (and other media) recommendation system by Dave Slusher, and has been running for a few months now. Rating a podcast is real easy, and will be familiar to Ajaxian.com visitors – just click on the star of your choosing. Repeat a few times and you’ll be able to receive recommendations on the site and in an RSS feed.

(Via RocketBoom)

Posted by Michael Mahemoff at 8:31 am

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just like netflix

Comment by jason — April 25, 2006

even down to the javascript code itself.

Comment by jacob — April 25, 2006

Sort of, it was actually from IT Conversations. Doug Kaye based it on Netflix but modified from there, and I did the same from Doug’s. Shoulders of giants and all.

Thanks for the mention. I’m a listener of your podcast, for obvious reasons.

Comment by Dave — April 25, 2006

Well, it looks like the images were stolen directly from Netflix…

Comment by Scott Johnson — April 25, 2006

No, they were stolen directly from IT Conversations. Actually, Doug Kaye gave them to me because he’s a damn nice guy.

Comment by Dave — April 25, 2006

They are pixel-for-pixel idendical to Netflix. Perhaps IT Conversations stole them.

Comment by jacob — April 25, 2006

great system. I tried it two days ago. Working GREAT!

Comment by L-Argentine Supplement — August 8, 2007

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