Friday, March 21st, 2008

An Ajax Ascii Art Generator

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Ajaxian ASCII

Thomas Hansen of the Gaia Ajax Widgets project took a look a the Asciify project that we posted about recently, and thought that Ajax could do just as good a job!

So, he created an Ajax Ascii Art generator:

So when I saw this Ajaxian Article about an ASCII art generator in Flash I felt compelled to demonstrate it could easily be done in a standardized set of web technologies.

I set out to see if I could find some libraries to use, and I found Sau Fan Lee’s codeproject article about his ASCII fying .Net library. It was GPL so it mixed perfectly together with Gaia. So I just brushed it up a little bit, added some Gaia Ajax for falvor, and voila! Have fun!

All the Ajax is of course built with Gaia Ajax Widgets ;)

All the code can be downloaded here and is GPL so you can use it as you wish as long as you comply with the GPL license terms. If you find bugs, cleans up the code or in any other ways improves it (hint; Linux/Mono port would be awesome) I’d be more than willing to host the modified code here and update the running version with credits to you, email it then if so to thomas dot hansen at gaiaware dot net :)

ASCII Art Options

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