Thursday, February 2nd, 2006

An Ajax Repeater control with ASP.NET

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Jigar Desai has information in this post from C# Corner about using an ASP.NET repeater control with Ajax to dynamically build out a table of data.

XMLHttp and AJAX can really make your application do tricks which were not possible with plain vanilla HTML, but your code can become messy very quickly if you do not plan your approach properly.

JavaScript library that looks ahead of all is prototype’s library for Ajax ( but there is still no such utility that will help you to display tabular data with ease that you get when you use control like repeater control of so I decided to make one and share with community.

He talks about the setup of the Control, how it needs to be able to grab the XML via an Ajax connection, and understand the resulting content enough to know if anything needs to be called to manipulate it. He shows the sample XML structure for the application, and moves on to the code for the Control. The HTML and Javascript are placed in the page, and the call is made to the ASP.NET script to fetch the data. The javascript then builds out the table, creating a nice, dyanmic method of displaying rows of data on your page.

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Using a lot of the same priciples already found in Anthem.NET.
If you’re not using Jason’s library already, you should be.

Comment by Stuart Allen — February 2, 2006

I will recommend using Ajax.Net library to create your custom ajax repeater contols.

Comment by Ashish Gupta — June 27, 2006

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