Monday, February 26th, 2007

And the OSCAR goes to Prototype and Moo

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Doing a view source on shows that the award given to the JavaScript libraries by the academy developers was to Prototype and Moo.

The faux pas of the site is showing a darn commercial and disabling the pause button. Bad academy. You wonder why people are downloading movies?

OSCAR 2007

Posted by Dion Almaer at 9:05 am

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Really, it should go to YUI – especially after the recent announcements.

I’ve found prototype/scriptaculous to be buggy at best, and bloated in comparison.

Comment by Davidoff — February 26, 2007

David – I think the point of the post is that the Oscar site is using mooTools and ProtoType, not that they are better than YUI. We all have our opinions …

Comment by Ben — February 26, 2007

@David – “buggy at best, and bloated”? I get the feeling you have never used Prototype, or YUI. Saying Prototype is bloated in comparison to YUI is completely ridiculous.

Prototype compressed to 21kb+ (before gzipping or anything):

By the way MooTools has got my attention. I just need some time to check it out. I think I will be pleased 8).

Comment by jd — February 26, 2007

Moo is the shit. The code is elegant and small. We’ve been using it on a number of projects. /me just wishes someone would writea JSP taglib for it…

Comment by Karl — February 26, 2007

This guy had a similer view of YUI as David:

Comment by jd — February 26, 2007

You know, I find it sad that there can never be a post about a specific library without it turning into a pissing contest in the comments section. If you like a specific library, how about coming up with a nice article and send it to Ajaxian or posting it on your blog. Promote your flavor the right way and lets have some respect for each other.
As for this specific posting, I’m glad to see that another notable site has used Ajax & JS to really expand the user experience.

Comment by Rey Bango — February 26, 2007

Right on Rey…

Comment by Michael Jackson — February 26, 2007

Even if you are love with a certain library, you can’t beat the compact set of features that all come with moo. It’s all about the situation and a high traffic site like this would be silly to use anything larger. Though having said that I don’t know why they didn’t use a compressed version of Prototype.

Comment by Steve Nolte — February 26, 2007

So you’re saying the Oscar doesn’t render correctly in IE? Gotcha.

Comment by Ivan — February 26, 2007

When I wrote my comment, I didn’t decide on the spot that I disliked prototype. Firstly as a PHP programmer, I don’t find rubyesque syntax a bonus.

Secondly, having worked with scriptaculous, I found that different effects and things didnt work in different browsers, as a result of prototype, and using andrew tetlaw’s validation scripts I found the latest version of prototype broke something that it relied on. In comparison, I’ve upgraded to newer versions of YUI in my applications and found everything worked reliably.

A quick check of the latest version of prototype shows it to weigh in at about 70kb. If i remember rightly, it was closer to 60kb before, so with gzip its probably pushing a similar file size to the YUI utils (see below).

YUI’s most common ‘utilities’ weigh in at around 16kb (dom, event, animation, connection) with gzip – thats lightweight in my opinion.

Comment by Davidoff — February 26, 2007

Thanks Rey!

That was a breeze of fresh air.

Comment by Tobie Langel — February 26, 2007

“Library War”, what a bunch of sensational bullshit. I did not know there was war going on. I don’t count the usual pissing contest in blog comments as “war”.

Competition is useful, there is no one size fits all, and everyone can learn and adapt new ideas. Witness the recent round of CSS-selector improvments.

Comment by Martin — February 26, 2007

@Tobie. Thanks man! It’d just be great to see everyone get along for once. So much talent out there and all we do is bitch at each other. It just gets old.

Comment by Rey Bango — February 26, 2007

@Martin: Who mentioned a “library war”?

Comment by Rey Bango — February 26, 2007

That was about the link by jd to some blog post about YUI.

Comment by Martin — February 27, 2007

i usually grab whatever is best and what I need from different libraries and integrate them into my own “library”. No pissing contest here.

Comment by cdude — February 27, 2007

I would vote Mootools and jQuery. I’m not a big Prototype fan.

Comment by Justin — May 3, 2007

I don’t think you can really compare Moo,Prototype, and jQuery to YUI, Dojo, and Ext.

The latter is more interface libraries while the former are foundational libraries.

Comment by Justin — May 3, 2007

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