Thursday, September 18th, 2008

And the winner is…

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We recently raffled off a free pass to The Ajax Experience on Congratulations to Brandon Aaskov, our official raffle winner! If you’re planning on attending The Ajax Experience in Boston, September 29 – October 1, there’s still time to register.

The raffle drew over 500 entries from all over the world. Considering the worldwide appeal of The Ajax Experience, which major city would you like us to consider for 2009? We look forward to hearing from you!

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Comment by mattpowell — September 18, 2008


Comment by Ipequey — September 18, 2008

I second Austin, Texas!

Comment by rstackhouse — September 18, 2008


Comment by gazapo — September 18, 2008

Copenhagen, Denmark. Very central for nothern europe…and me :)

Comment by Tavs — September 18, 2008

New York. Geeks are in season here.

Comment by creppie — September 18, 2008

Las Vegas. Period, end of story. Of course, very little related to IT would actually take place :)

Or Philadelphia. If it can’t be Vegas, at least put it in my backyard (not that Boston is so far, but still).

Comment by fzammetti — September 18, 2008

C’mon – that wasn’t a random draw!

Demanding a redraw,

Brendan Aardvark (nee Gibson)

Comment by bshenanigan — September 18, 2008

San Francisco (there’s a few web developers there I think)

Comment by khakman2 — September 18, 2008


Comment by yogurtearl — September 18, 2008


Comment by JustinMeyer — September 18, 2008

a third for Austin!

Comment by shadedecho — September 18, 2008

Just throwing this out there: Johannesburg, South Africa.

Comment by Marc — September 19, 2008

C’mon guys, if you really care about the event having worldwide appeal, it has to happen in Europe! France, for instance is the second largest contributor in Open Source development in the world (after the US, but it has only 1/5 the population!)…

I’d say London or Paris!

Comment by GBUK — September 19, 2008

Nantes :) (France) . Well Paris is a good idea.

Comment by Spir — September 19, 2008

Frankfurt or Hamburg, very central!

Comment by rizqi — September 19, 2008

If it has to be Europe: keep it central… Brussels?

Comment by reno — September 19, 2008

Frankfurt, Berlin or Tokyo

Comment by pbakaus — September 19, 2008

Seattle! Although I too would love a good excuse to visit Europe again.

Comment by doublerebel — September 19, 2008

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