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Announcing: The Ajax Experience 2006

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We are very excited to announce the premier Ajax event of 2006, The Ajax Experience. This show is a multi-day, technology focused experience, in which we focus on content that you can learn from, versus vendor stories.

This is why has partnered with No Fluff Just Stuff, conference organizers that share our same vision.

The Ajax Experience is scheduled for May 10th-12th 2006 in San Francisco.

We will have the website for the conference launched just after christmas, but here is a taste of the quality speakers that we have confirmed for the event:

  • Scott Dietzen, CTO of Zimbra
  • Alex Russell and Dylan Schiemann of the Dojo Toolkit
  • Thomas Fuchs of
  • Sam Stephenson of Prototype and 37 Signals
  • Bob Ippolito of MochiKit
  • Joe Walker of DWR
  • Douglas Crockford of, and Yahoo!
  • Jonathan Hawkins of Microsoft Atlas
  • Patrick Lightbody of WebWork/Struts Ti
  • Bill Scott of Rico and Yahoo!
  • Eric Pascarello of Ajax in Action
  • Glenn Vanderburg, JavaScript expert
  • Brent Ashley, noted Ajax expert
  • Michael Mahemoff of Ajax Patterns
  • Greg Murray the Servlet Specification/AJAX Lead at Sun

You can use this time to email us if there is anyone that you would like to see at the show!

We can’t wait to see you all there. The early conferences on bleeding edge technology are always the best ones. This is where you get to meet the people that are really doing Ajax, and have been doing it for years.

NOTE: For those of you in the Java world, you will notice that it is taking place right before JavaOne. This means that you can fly out a couple of days earlier and enjoy both shows!

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Will the conference be touring like NFJS? I’d love to see a Midwest version for those of us too cheap/lazy to make it to SF. Looks like an excellent lineup, though.


Comment by Scott Severtson — December 19, 2005

Well great. You guys just had to schedule it right at the same time as E3!

Comment by Jason — December 19, 2005

you might want to book a flight long before the Ajax Experiance 2006 event.
Give it a try:


Comment by Developer — December 19, 2005

I’m willing to host someone from the open source AJAX/DHTML community at my house for free to save them money; I live in San Francisco near the event. Contact me at if you are interested.

Comment by Brad Neuberg — December 19, 2005

Any idea of what the costs may be? It would be helpful to know when approaching my employer. Thanks.

Comment by Owen — December 19, 2005

Hi! It’s not wideloy known yet, but I’ve begun work on a DHTML runtime for the OpenLaszlo platform. I’d love to speak at the event and present what I think will be an awesome addition to both the AJAX and Laszlo worlds. Laszlo is a powerful language for rich, custom declarative user interface programming – we’ve been developing it for the past 5 years. It’s a pretty rich, powerful framework, and I’m excited about its future – one (Open Source) language that can target both the Flash and DHTML runtimes. Drop me a line if this sounds interesting to you. We’re based in the Bay Area (I live in S.F.) so at the very least I’ll come by and visit!

Max Carlson

Comment by Max Carlson — December 19, 2005

If only this is closer to RailsConf then it makes both much more attractive to make my way from down under.

Comment by AndyShen — December 20, 2005

+1 for moving the date. How about the middle or end of June? ;-)

Comment by Matt Raible — December 20, 2005

Is this going to be an unconfernce? That would be much more interesting for my view.

Comment by Ray Daly — December 20, 2005

Hey there guys, this is very exciting. I hope I’ll be able to send some of my developers to this conference.

A few notes of interest:
1. Video the conference and sell the DVD. GEL and UI## (from do this quite successfully. This way people get to experience it w/o the major costs.

2. I wonder if it might be worth it to have a couple of sessions about the why and what side of AJAX — basically, business & design.

I think it is great that developers are excited about AJAX, but in order to “sell” the goods, they need to have a compelling story. AND in order to use the technology effectively there needs to be guidance from those of us on the interaction design side. I recommend myself (SynapticBurn), or possible Joshua Porter (Barkado), Luke Wroblewski (Functioning Form), or John Boutelle (Uzanto) to name a few of the blog/design space who have been addressing these issues and more. Or of course Jesse James Garrett from Adaptive Path.

Just some thoughts.

Comment by David Heller — December 20, 2005

Ray: What do you mean by an unconference?

Comment by Rob Sanheim — December 20, 2005

It is very interesting the world of Ajax i am writing a post for my blog explaining in easy words what is ajax and what ahjax can do for us (simple users)
do u have any text of easy explanation to transmit to my spanish reader?
thank u very much in advance

Comment by bonhamled — December 27, 2005

-1 for moving the date to June. I’ll be out of the country then, and had planned to talk at the conference. :)

Comment by Brad Neuberg — December 30, 2005

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Comment by KwangMin Lee — January 7, 2006

Times and prices asap would really help me get a trip approved for my whole staff. Any info forthcoming? RT flights from the midwest are currently 200 bucks each!!

Comment by Dec Larrey — January 20, 2006

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