Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

Another interactive Periodic Table

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Michael Dayah has created a highly interactive periodic table that allows you to select a slew of properties and use a slider to tweak things.

For example, choose the boiling option and then slide away.

Periodic Table

Posted by Dion Almaer at 7:39 am

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I like this application. Really nice to handle and very useful !!

Thank you, I’ll often use it in the future !

Greetz from Germany.

Comment by der Jörchen — October 10, 2007

Pretty Cool. Selecting an element seems to add an element to the browsing history so hitting the back button doesn’t perform as a user may expect. If I check out 3 elements then it takes me 3 ‘back’ clicks to get back to… ajaxian – for example.

Comment by Eric — October 10, 2007

Eric, thanks for the catch; I never noticed that. It’s been repaired. Also, thanks to Ajaxian for posting this. I realize it’s still a little buggy.

Comment by Michael Dayah — October 10, 2007

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