Monday, November 12th, 2007

Another WebKit win with Android

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WebKit keeps chugging away. I hear more and more developers talking about how they use Firefox for Firebug debugging, and WebKit nightly for browsing as it is so fast. In mobile, WebKit had another win as you get it with Android.

If you take a look at this video, 3:00 minutes in, you will see WebKit on Android. It looks similar to the iPhone implementation, with the touch screen interface and all. There is also hardware zooming on that particular phone (Android isn’t about one phone, it is an open mobile platform).

More on devphone.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 12:12 pm

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Did he just woke up?

Comment by Leonardo Eloy — November 12, 2007

Why is he making fun of Christopher Walken?

Comment by falcon — November 12, 2007

It’s Conan O’Brien with his hair dyed black.

Comment by Mikael Bergkvist — November 12, 2007

No need to introduce yourself Sergey since we all know who you are, of course, and thx for welcoming us to Mountain View because I thought I was watching a video. Wow, you guys are just fillin the screen with enthusiasm.

Oh, and Android looks pretty cool – very even.

Comment by Eric — November 12, 2007

It’s Ray Romano or Cosmo Kramer.

Comment by Jordan — November 12, 2007

HAHAH @ Christopher Walken.

Since google is choosing webkit, for now, for this platform, will webkit based browsers be the new firefox?

Comment by EmEhRKay — November 12, 2007

I know Google has PR people.
This video was made on their day off.

Comment by Dan — November 13, 2007

Heh, I wonder how long it takes people to hack Android onto the iPhone. Shame that the iPhone doesn’t have 3G… But otherwise, it’s pretty good hardware-wise, it seems. I can appreciate the style too — and I hated the old iPods.

I wonder what the hardware specs are for that cool prototype — it looks like a Nokia N-Series or something. But better. Looks like I’d rather have that instead of the iPhone — I mean, why is Apple neglecting full Flash support? It’s a pretty big part of the “full Internet”, so unless they’re planning on “surprising” their customers later with features that should’ve been there in the first place (hmm, familiar?), I’d say that they’re missing a few of the essentials. Then again, maybe it’s a deal with Google — “you convert some Youtube videos to the new Quicktime format, because our iPhone application can only play that (so, uhm, we promise to stay away from Flash and Java for a while; we don’t want Android on our iPhone anyway!)”.

But why??? The hardware specifications don’t seem to be a limiting factor in any way. They could’ve at least co-operated with Sun or OpenJDK to produce a compatible Java VM by now. After all, it “runs a special version of Jaguar”!

Comment by trojjer — November 14, 2007

I explored the ramifications of WebKit adoption by Apple competitors Nokia, Adobe and Google in:

“Runtime wars (1): Does Apple have an answer to Flash, Silverlight and JavaFX?”


“Runtime wars (2): Apple’s answer to Flash, Silverlight and JavaFX”

Comment by Kontra — November 16, 2007

Android and AMOLED is great combination

Comment by Crossi — September 14, 2009

Watch out for google NEXUS ONE due out next year. It will clear up a lot of development problems with the Android and im guessing it will be the first phone to really compete with the iPhone.

Comment by iphonedevelopment — December 15, 2009

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