Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

Antisocial: 3D in Canvas with Sound

Category: Canvas, jQuery, Showcase

Gasman has created Antisocial, a very enjoyable demo of Canvas doing fake 3d and 2d along with that ZX Spectrum sound that you loved as a kid.

Check out the tool to see where the magic happens, and make some music, Spectrum style!

I feel like we have been light on showcases recently, so please email us if you have seen a cool use of Ajax that we haven’t picked up on!

Posted by Dion Almaer at 5:42 pm

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And if you enjoyed that you might enjoy this too:
OBJ rendering with flat shading in Canvas:
(Left drag to move, right drag to turn and move up/down, only tested in FF3 so far)
There’s still plenty of room for enhancements (mtl parsing instead of own color syntax, multiple lights, multiple objects per scene, …) and optimizations (skip back faces, caching, …) but it’s still a pretty impressing demo (eventhough the model looks terrible, but I’m not really an artist).

Comment by Hans Schmucker — October 8, 2008

The three fields can be used to colorize the selected face, BTW :)

Comment by Hans Schmucker — October 8, 2008

I’m more convinced than ever now that JavaScript will be the next big language, and on a much larger scale than any other web language is right now. All it needs is a good Apache module and the right libraries to make it viable server-side, and then what manager wouldn’t want to hire JavaScript, assuming it works well server-side? And what web developer could avoid it?

The example at mod_js ( ) is a discouraging start based on the code example: why would you use print statements if you could navigate and write using the DOM instead? But it looks like they’ve got it working with SQLite which is the first big step.

Comment by tmallen — October 8, 2008

tmallen, we got jaxer for that (

Comment by V1 — October 9, 2008

According the the Wikipedia entry in Server-side JavaScript (SSJ), exists since 1996 (Netscape Enterprise Server 2.0). The entry also features a long list of SSJ solutions. Of course, not all of these support Server-side DOM navigation and writing.

Comment by mongolito404 — October 9, 2008

tmallen, or e.g.

Comment by jfw — October 9, 2008


Comment by leptons — October 10, 2008

Amazing, funny how technologies such as Flash could end up being replaced by the very technologies they were designed to replace.

Comment by tj111 — October 10, 2008

This is old news:

Comment by TNO — October 10, 2008

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