Tuesday, July 17th, 2007

AOL Mgnet with Dojo

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AOL has a slew of new beta products all powered by Dojo. The portal piece differs from iGoogle and the like by not using iframes. At first I was surprised at this (security concerns), but then you see that the portlets are fairly locked down.

Mgnet is an interesting product that helps you find content that suits you. First you click on images that show off categories (e.g. soccer, gadgets, politics), and then you are taken to entries from blog feeds that you thumb up and down. It is certainly a new way to go about finding content, and there are nice examples of Dojo usage throughout.

The site appears to currently be powered by 0.4.3 so it will be interesting to see it when it boots up to 0.9+.

AOL Mgnet

Posted by Dion Almaer at 12:01 pm

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Comment by Simon Brüchner — July 17, 2007

I stopped looking right after I clicked on a picture and then I couldn’t unselect it.

Comment by waynep — July 17, 2007

Can someone tell me why the no-iframe decision would be a security issue?

I’m curious to know why some applications use iframes for each individual section of an application (ie: a-la-Yahoo! Mail Beta) versus a single document like AOL.

Comment by Frank — July 17, 2007

If you’ve got Firebug or similar, there’s some weird console messages in there as you navigate the site ;-)

Comment by Rory — July 17, 2007

No unselect was annoying, and what a representative picture for the “World” category….a burning explosion in the background and miserable looking people. wow

Comment by Jigs — July 17, 2007

Ah, unselect works now.

Comment by Jigs — July 17, 2007

…all ‘nits’ aside, that is a pretty inspiring site… nice design, fast, and they threw in some new usability/navigation paradigms. …going to have to View Source and learn some things in the next few weeks…

Comment by Mark Holton — July 18, 2007

web2.0 is made of people!

Comment by markus — July 18, 2007

Very nicely done. Responsive, easy to use. The small touches are good too, like the selected picture floating into the article when you select it

Comment by Shane — July 18, 2007

Welcome to reality Jigs.

Comment by jeremy — July 20, 2007


Dojo can do all of this?? I didn’t thought that

Comment by wappy — August 13, 2007

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