Thursday, January 3rd, 2008

Apache CouchDB: Congrats to IBM and Damian Katz

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CouchDB has been getting people re-energized about DB stuff recently. Some got gung-ho about the OODBMS and that fizzled and people went back to the “ug, I guess we just do the SQL thing and be done with it… and maybe use an ORM if we really hate it”.

Then the Couch came along and had us all thinking about JSON being the next “turtles all the way down”.

Well, IBM was excited enough to hire Damien Katz to work full time on it:

All the code will be Apache licensed and donated to the Apache Software Foundation, with the plan CouchDB will eventually become an official Apache project. A big plus here is the Apache license allows anyone to do pretty much anything with the code, so everything remains truly open source. I wouldn’t have done this without IBM’s commitment to keeping CouchDB open.

It is going to be to see what us JavaScript folk do with a DB that is RESTful and JSONified.

Congratulations to IBM for a great score (and to Damien too).

NOTE: Kris Zyp joining SitePen

Also, congrats to Kris Zyp and SitePen for tying the knot. Both Kris and SitePen are top notch outfits, and a great fit.

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“turtles all the way down”. Hahaha! Or how about “QLDB” (Quantum loop database).

Comment by Diodeus — January 3, 2008

I am excited about that client-side web-type applications that will be built using this db with things like gears and prism

Comment by emehrkay — January 3, 2008

Really interesting. I’m curious how its performance compares to the usual suspects.

Comment by Trevor — January 3, 2008

Some pretty interesting stuff is already created using CouchDB

Comment by hotjug — January 3, 2008

Very cool. I am very interested in seeing the future of JavaScript/AJAX and data persistence. Another very cool, very new app that uses JavaScript and JSON to create a totally new approach to web/database programming via a JavaScript Database API:

check it out…

Comment by BH23 — January 4, 2008

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