Wednesday, January 11th, 2006

Apple iWeb: Ajax Photoshow

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You know that Ajax has hit the big time when Steve Jobs mentions it in a keynote.

Steve showed off some Apple Ajax, when he demo’d the new iWeb product that is part of the iLife suite.

When you publish your content to .Mac, to be shared on the web, there is a very nice photo slideshow viewer that is all Ajax.

iWeb looks like a very simple tool. I would love to see a iWeb Pro, that can do this for more than mom and pop?

Apple iWeb Ajax

Posted by Dion Almaer at 1:18 am

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The page linked throws two errors in IE6 and several serious CSS errors in Mozilla. In IE6 the page remains blank.

So much for releasing beta’s.

Comment by Lon — January 11, 2006

So who exactly was mentioned by Steve during the keynote?
“Dion”? “The guys from Ajaxian”? Or just “Ajax”?

Comment by Anonymous Coward — January 11, 2006

[…] […]

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just “ajax technology”

Comment by Nader — January 11, 2006

Just to clarify Dion’s post — we find it interesting that someone at Steve’s level mentions ‘Ajax’ by name; we didn’t consider that some kind of reference to or any kind of credit to any of the Ajaxians personally.

I’ll edit the post.

Comment by Ben — January 11, 2006

Apple has been a big supporter of “Ajax” or at least the XMLHttpRequest object for awhile now. Search for “xmlhttprequest” on google and the first thing that comes up is an Apple developer page regarding it.

Lots of people don’t realize how many ajax type web apps they’re running because they’re encapsulated in Mac OS X’s WebKit framework. Safari and it’s RSS reader and Mail are some of main ones in Mac OS X 10.4. There are many other 3rd party apps.

Comment by Tom — January 11, 2006

Apple + Ajax = “AppleJax” :) Ok, enough silliness…back to work (as the boss comes around to crack the whip)

Comment by Tommy — January 12, 2006

The pages generated by iWeb validate under XHTML transitional but they’re not pretty to look at, sadly.

On the other hand and as it’s already been said Apple has been using quite a lot of XHR for quite some time now and the Apple page for it is referenced almost universally (the Apple Developer page mentioned)

Almost every Dashboard widget uses XHR as well and current applications based on Webkit do as well.

Ironically, being XHR “invented” by Microsoft for Web Outlook :)

I’m a mac user, so I may not be really unbiased here.

Comment by Eduo — January 16, 2006

just created my website and it looks great

Comment by felix — February 1, 2006

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